16 going on 30

While I was walking around the mall on this past Friday.. I was looking at all the youth that surrounded me. Vibrant, young and high energetic young ladies. Stressing over their hair… Make up.. Or what time their parents were going to pick them up. Some of them so carefree.. Hair and clothing as throwed together as it could get.. Lol man those were the days. As I approached the movie counter… (Yes I treated myself to a movie) .. There were 5 girls of different backgrounds laughing and trying to figure out how to pay for their friends ticket. As I stood there smiling remembering how it felt to be 16… One young lady looks at me and says… “What are you going to see?” With such excitement on her face… I tell her ‘Gone Girl’.. She gets so tickled and says.. “With that guy!!?” And I replied.. Ben Affleck… It hit me then… First of all.. she didnt know who Ben Affleck was.. secondly she looked at me as an adult and not a peer. I asked them all how old they were and they yelled with such pride..16. It was so precious to see these young ladies trying desperately to relate to me. Before I walked away.. One of the young ladies who strikingly looked similar to me when I was her age… She sweetly giggles and says.. “Love your hair! Enjoy your movie”.. They all waved to me like I was some lady they all hoped to be. I must admit.. That 16 year old girl inside of me began to resurface as I walked away. I flashed back to those moments I was rushing to get to where I am right now. If I could tell my 16 year old self one thing… It would have been to enjoy every moment. Not to rush to the future..The Make up.. High heels..Grown up Job… First kiss… First roommate.. Own car and own apartment… I look In the mirror now and still see traces of that 16 year Krystal… It’s just now I see this incredible woman.. Who stands up straight.. Who takes care of herself.. Whose living in a foreign city… (Yes Dallas is foreign..) lol! I am now Taking on challenges that my 16 year old self never even imagined. I think about age 30 as February 18th approaches… And I know my grandmother would definitely say… How proud she is of me…. But I feel it’s only about to get better. It’s an indescribable feeling … Amazed at myself often.. I still am in Awe of where God is taking me. Each moment.. Each breath ..Each new opportunity that awaits me… My 16 year old self.. I Have finally ready to wave goodbye with no regrets.. Only lessons learned.


2 thoughts on “16 going on 30

    1. Its so true… I used to really wish I was younger.. But now I wouldnt trade where I am for nothing… I love who I am becoming! Thank you for reading and being apart of this journey!


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