How broke down was your Break through?

On last friday night… I sat in my living room with some amazing women. We attempted to have a game night, however.. due to the heavy rain and thunderstorms…it turned into a night of sharing our joys,hurts, our pains, and sorrows pretty much into the early hours of the morning. Just as the rain poured from the sky that night, we all began pouring our hearts out. Our ages were ranged from 22 to 29, however we were all coming up with the same common thread. That no matter our circumstances …God was blessing us through each trial and tribulation. After they left Saturday morning, it began to resonate in my mind that each of us women may be in completely different spots in life, yet are all trying to achieve the similar goal of being successful women. All of us discussed our single life, career goals, body images, Laughed about our lowest moments, and talking about how far we have all come from those days of hardships. So I began thinking back to my low moments. They weren’t so long ago… It’s almost like God broke me down to my lowest in my mind, my body, and soul. I felt completely empty, my life was headed for a season of sadness. It felt like i had to be broken down in order to truly break free. I began writing this for those of you out there who feel like they are stuck or depressed, due to a broken heart, broken direction, a broken spirit, or even just being broke… Remember that sometimes you have to truly be taken to your lowest for God to build you back up to restore you. Look at your low moment as your opportunity for your break through to take place. Yeah I know .. Transitions are hard, whether its loosing your job, loosing your spouse or loved one, or just dealing with loss of self.. All of these moments can feel like the hardest moments.. But that is when your faith has to kick in. If you went through life with out these moments of darkness .. How would you ever appreciate the Light? How would you ever appreciate the moment you meet another amazing person who could replace that last relationship that nearly broke you into pieces, How could you truly appreciate life if you never lost a loved one… How could you appreciate your promotion if you’ve never experienced being terminated? I personally can now see and am thankful for my lowest moments.. Those moments have helped me build a backbone.. My eyes are more open to life and where God is taking me. You could say after loosing someone I love… I have new appreciation for life. After cutting ties from toxic friendships.. I now cherish new friendships that are filled with substance… To be broken doesn’t mean life is over, it just means your break through is on the way. Let your brokenness take its course.. And through healing, time and prayer, you will be restored, stronger and filled with gratitude for weathering the shattered pieces of your brokenness. Be encouraged.. And know the Best moments in your life is yet to come.


2 thoughts on “How broke down was your Break through?

  1. Yeaaa!! I wish I had always been so appreciative about everything which I was but I often took some things for granted. Wasn’t until I counted my blessings, I realized life wasn’t as bad as I thought. Patience!! I’m just giving hope a chance to float up


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