I’m not For sale…..


I happened to catch the Bachelor the other night..and I became amused at the fact that the women on the show fall deeply in love with a man they have only known for 3-4 weeks. Not saying it’s not possible, but They are not just dating him…they are sharing him with 20 other women. I got to thinking how much convincing these ladies have to do to keep the bachelor interested.  How much selling they have to do just to gain a rose at the end of the night.  As I watched I began to think of all the times I’ve personally gone into selling me. Trying to convince someone why they should pick me. I’ve tried to convince people by spending money on them,changing my style, compromising my morals,hiding my true love for the arts just to fit their passions.  You name it I’ve done it, all to make myself more marketable. Going these crazy lengths hoping to be sold to someone who truly wants to keep me. So I stopped looking at these ladies on the bachelor and realized I was just as bad as they were. Desperate for love…heartbroken for giving so much of myself all to find the guy ends up giving the rose to someone else.  The difference is..I am not on tv.  So here I am..a proud 30 years young..and I now know what im willing to put up with and what I refuse to entertain.  Had dinner with an old friend and she began explaining how reaching this Golden age of 30 brings so much clarity of your non negotiables.  She was right… I know one thing..I’m not an item that can be bought just anywhere. I used to put myself on clearance..a cheaper price allowed”buyers”to rummage through whatever they want..however they ended up not making a serious investment in me because they got me at such a low cost. There was no true value to what I was offering. Because I thought I belonged on the sale rack..I attracted those who didn’t want the responsibility of taken care of something expensive(a commitment )..I attracted those who wanted something worthless…(insecure)which requires less work, and provided a filler for them until they found who they were really looking for. I’ve now reached the point where I know I don’t belong in the clearance section. I refuse to mark myself down just so someone will buy me. I’m not the latest deal on the market..and no you can’t get someone like me just anywhere. I am beyond a sale…I am priceless..my worth takes work..effort..requires an investment. Because I’m unique…rare and hard to find…you won’t even be able to find an off brand/knock off version of me. So now that I know I’m not for sale..the one who chooses to put In the effort…who saves up..works hard so that he can Afford my love and attention…then I know I’ve found someone who not only recognizes the valued item before him..but also knows his own worth and will not settle for a cheap thrill.  Ladies and gentlemen…it’s time you check your net worth…are you marking yourself down in the hopes that someone will take you…or are you raising your value waiting for the one who is ready to invest ? Choose wisely or forever stay stuck on Clearance. #Not4Sale


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2 thoughts on “I’m not For sale…..

  1. It is easy to sometime dumb yourself down just to adapt to another persons wants and it may take awhile to realize it. I know I’m young and all but I think I have a good idea on what kinda man I deserve. No more chillen on the clearance racks. We’re the items locked away behind the register.


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