Please Unpack your Crap….


So I just came back from my epic trip to New Orleans on Sunday…however my suitcase sat in my room. Each day I’d come home from work…even more overwhelmed with how much clothes I needed to put away. As the week progressed the rest of my house became more and more disorganized. Making me more overwhelmed to the point that I’d just go to sleep and say..I’ll Unpack tomorrow. So Wednesday night…after finally being fed up…tired of looking at crap everywhere I decided to clean up and finally unpack. Imagine if your mind was a suitcase though. Filled with junk such as worries,over analyzed thoughts, the mistakes the regrets, gym or no gym..should I call him should I call her..does he/she think about me….blah blah blah. All this nonsense staying packed away in your brain. Wasting precious time/space. You could be so much more productive if you would just unpack all these issues. But no…you stay up on FB Making this overwhelming process worse. Seeing your newsfeed filled with happy pics.people posting gym work jobs..engagements. .baby bumps…trips to rome…all the things you haven’t done. Wouldn’t it be so freeing if you found a way to release all these thoughts…unpack your anxieties…unpack the hidden truths you feel. Unpack all the hurts…the pain you have endured too long. Unpack the things you wish you had said years ago. Unpack the words you meant to say before you lost someone you loved…unpack the words you need to say to Someone you have fallen for…to unpack and forgive someone. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could do it…get fed up enough and spring clean and unpack ? What if I told can do it. What if I told you that there is someone willing to help you unpack and release. What if I told you that the bags you carry is not for you to bare on your own. All the stress you feel is what you allow to stay packed away. I’ll tell you…when I decided to unpack…and give my items to God…that’s when the bags I tried to carry got lighter. That’s when my worries became figments of my imagination…that’s when my love life taught me to love me first…that’s when I started living on purpose with a purpose. That’s when I decided to live instead of packing my fears away to keep me in bondage..chained to a slow death. So let me ask you long do YOU plan to pack away your problems…how long do you feel you need to ignore your suitcase thats overflowing in an regrets…lies,hurts and worries. Aren’t you tired of carrying that load all by yourself? Do Yourself A Favor ….Please Unpack Your crap..Before You End Up Buried In it. #UnpacktheCrap


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2 thoughts on “Please Unpack your Crap….

  1. I really felt like you were talking to me. I know I have a lot of things I’m holding in and on too which I need to let go of. I thank you for writing this it has opened upy eyes for the better.


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