This ain’t No buffet…Fine Dining Only


Have you ever been to a buffet before? You probably know of one, and every time you go…there are all these options…it’s all you can eat…what ever you desire. Some like going up for seconds and thirds…noticing later that not only are they now full…but very unsatisfied. Well…call me snooty if you want…but I’ve never truly been fond of buffets.  I mean…it’s food that’s been sitting out…picked over…and everyone gets to taste and have whatever they want until they are done for. No offense…but it’s just not very special. now your asking me..Krys where are you going with this? Well when it comes to this infamous dating life…I notice there are too many of us that treat ourselves as if we are a buffet. Everything is laid out for anyone and everyone to taste. The price is cheap and they can come back for second or third servings whenever they want. Where have our standards gone these days? And I’m not just talking to the ladies…this is to you Gents too. What makes you feel like everyone should be able to have a sample? You aint no Panda Express…Think about the significant difference between a buffet and fine dining establishment. You obviously get what you pay for. See…a buffet. find your own seat….But Fine dining…you feel important being led to your table..napkin placed In your lap. A buffet the menu everyone sees because it’s already laid out before you…there’s no anticipation…no mystery. Fine dinning…the menu is on the have heightened senses as you study the details of the food your excited to taste. Patiently you have to wait for your meal to be served…you’ve built an appetite…therefore when you enjoy the meal…your more satisfied because of how long you waited to eat.  A buffet…you eagerly grab your own plate and napkin..pack your plate and rapidly eat just to find your stuffed and unsatisfied. To all my friends out there who are trying so hard to figure out their dating life…ask yourself this…what standard of dining am I? Are you just letting everyone get a plate? Or are you building up your taste buds for the real Meal? Just know there’s nothing wrong with setting your table up nice. Give the person you are interested in a detailed menu…let him/her see what you have to offer by letting them study you. Give them the four course meal…making them eagerly wait as you reveal each portion of yourself.  Each course Should leave their taste palette wanting to know more…which then will lead you to the Main Course.  Just because they are starving doesn’t mean they deserve to eat. Just remember…if you are willing to let everyone have as much food as they want for a cheap price…why would you expect them to stay? You set the tone..if you give off the Fine dining vibe…He/She will see the worth in spending a little more time on getting to know the menu (you)..paying a higher cost for a satisfying meal (commitment)…and You both will ultimately enjoy your dining experience… (Dating with Purpose). So stop wasting precious time….build up your taste buds by waiting  for a healthy four course meal that will leave you sayisfied.  Raise your standards from buffet status…and carry yourself with fine dining me…you will be worth more than just a taste.  #FineDiningOnly


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