Do you Know your beautiful?


They say Beauty is in the eye of the the beholder…but what happens when the beholder believes that they do not possess beauty? What happens when in that persons mind..they believe they can never achieve the status of Beautiful? You know…when I was growing up…everyone would always say awe..she’s beautiful…or she’s so pretty….and I would smile and feel so proud. Then I hit my teenager years…and those compliments started to change. Next thing I’d begin hearing…Yeah..she’s pretty but…her feet are huge…if she looses 20 pounds..she will be pretty. She a heavy girl…but she has pretty hair….yep…these are the things I heard throughout middle and highschool. So by the time I got to college…I felt that being beautiful was unattainable. Being beautiful just wasn’t in the cards for me. My family always would tell me how beautiful I was…but the damage was already done . I had convinced myself..that I’d never be a size 2…with a big rear…long hair and perfect shape.  I convinced myself that beauty was something only models posessed. I truly was ok staying in average status. So your asking me…what changed? The older I got…the deeper my image issues grew. It spilled over into my dating life…when I was 25…I was hangin out with some friends in downtown Baltimore…and I remember standing next to my friend who had long curly hair…she was thin and tall…what I used to consider beautiful.  A dude walked up to us…and started talking to me…I asked him did he mean to talk to me or the girl next to me…and stated…”No…I came to talk to you”…Perplexed….I was shocked that he was attracted to me..sadly because of my insecurities…I felt inadequate…and because I didn’t love me….I didn’t allow him to even get close to knowing me. So 5 years later…here I am putting the puzzle back together. Piece by piece I’m beginning to see this beautiful picture of me now. Every curve..color of my skin…texture of my hair..the way I express myself…I’m seeing that the beauty I see now is beyond the make up. Every morning…I look in the mirror…make up all laid out before me.. but before I start applying foundation…I look at the  “foundation ” that God has already placed on my face. This undeniable beauty…was already there…why change or alter the art work He has already created?  Have you truly looked at yourself lately? No make up…no Filter..just you and your reflection . Pick at least 10 things that you like about what you see.. and watch your whole day turn out to be different. Know that your beauty truly comes from within…love your self…every inch of your self….show your self for once that you can attain beauty…with out Mac…or cover girl…it starts by removing the make up…to see your true “make up” of who God is creating  you to be…are you ready to unveil your true beauty?


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