Give it all you got…..


Lately…I’ve been on my grind with my personal trainer. Each day I accomplish something that I never dreamed my body could do. I push myself harder than I ever have…because I truly want to see what I can put my mind to. Challenging myself only helps me see my hidden strengths that I never knew were there. In life…I have begun learning that in order to grow…it takes doing things we may not want to do…it order to take us to where we want to be. Yes…this,means getting out of your comfort zone. Maybe it’s taking the new job opportunity…taking a chance on opening your heart again….or even challenging your mind and body to something it’s not used To. None of these things are easy to do…but when you put 100 percent behind it….it becomes worth it. My trainer said to me the other day… “You really underestimate your true Strength”….and after he stated that…I began believing I was stronger. Now that I believe I’m stronger…when I walk into the gym…I fight harder…I give it all I the point of tears sometimes. These tears come from my past pain…from believing I was
never good enough…these tears cleanse and detox my soul of negative thoughts…these tears bring forth relief and joy…proving my doubts wrong.  With every bench press….every plank…what ever the work out….I push hard..because I know now I’m stronger then I was. My hope is filled with the faith that through hard work…I can and will achieve my desired goal. Now what if you thought that way. What if you believed in yourself so much…that you claimed your success before you saw it. What if you took on a challenge…to transform into a better you….would you be willing to get uncomfortable and give it your all?  I’m learning in every aspect of my life…that you have to give yourself a fighting chance. You have to push yourself to places you never imagined being….whether it’s to a more fit body. …or whether it’s to fall in love…both require work and effort. Both require you to get a little uncomfortable…and both require you to give it all you got. What’s there to lose? If you are ready for something new…new job, body , or even a new love life….my question to you is this…what are you willing to do to get it? Yeah…it’s not going to be easy…and I can’t guarantee you a perfect ending….but there will be new lessons learned…weaknesses will become new strengths and you would have accomplished goals you never knew you could attain. Stretch yourself….you will be surprised at how far you can go….. #GiveItYourAll #HowBadDoUWantit #LiveFree


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