Why get the number..if your not gonna call


So…I got into a very deep conversation last night with one of my girls while getting some cardio in. We got on the topic of the infamous “Dating games” that people tend to get caught up with. I know some of you reading this…may be trying to over analyze things…retelling the story to yourself…trying to figure out what’s wrong with you. You even start getting into justifying why He/She just dropped off the face of the earth…assumptions get made and by the end of your “one on one” with yourself..you have yet again decided to give up on Dating all together…. Some of you men…decided to give her chance…you shared intimate details with her…introduced her friends/family…told her your dreams..vented…you decided to let her into your heart…so what’s so wrong with that? If the lady continued to show you interest…why did you all of a sudden slow up? Why go M.I.A after you’ve decided to pull her into your personal space? Women are nurturing…we like it when you share how you feel…the moment you have done that…why get cold feet and run the other way after you reeled us into you? I’ll never fully get why men will get the number…and choose not to use it. Obviously at some point in time you saw something there…so what shakes dudes up…what all of sudden makes a guy just poof into thin air as if they never existed after giving out so much intimate information? Well here is where I am with things ladies…if all of a sudden the guy of your interest..decides to pull the infamous Disappearing act..after He has shown you who he is…through his story..his friends and family…..don’t question yourself. Know that truly…it’s not you..it’s them. Maybe when they gave you their number…they didn’t think they would actually fall for you…Maybe they thought they were ready for a woman like you…but after carefully analyzing their current status they truly can’t place their full time or investment in you yet….or simply your not what they want. What ever the reason ladies…I can’t place it all on the men…we ladies don’t have to take the number that they try to give us. There’s nothing wrong with being honest. Why waste the dudes money…time or emotions if you know all your gonna do is ignore his call. To my fellas…in the same respect…to save your money…time and emotions…stop giving out your number if your not prepared to call it. There’s nothing wrong with being honest with where you are in your life. If your not ready ladies and gents…stop letting your actions confuse one another. If your not ready for a relationship…don’t share such intimate details…if your not ready
..don’t take your new interest to the family reunion…if your not ready…don’t spend time and money…again…it’s all about being honest with yourself..you can save yourself alot more heart break and heart ache…if you just state your intentions up front…instead of “frontin” as if you are ready to dive into another person’s life. To my Fellas…don’t get the digits until your ready to make the call…and To my ladies… don’t take the number if your not prepared to anwser….Keep it 100 with yourself and I guarantee…you will experience less confusion for yourself and the other person. We are all grown ups…I suggest we get out of middle school and man/woman up. Know who you are first…so you can know what you want later…it’s up to you what you choose…work smarter ladies and gents …not harder…. #dontwasteTimeNMoney #InvestInYou1st #LoveUMore


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