I’m Top Shelf Status…Can you Reach it?


As I’ve done some self reflection….I took a look back to this month last year. It’s incredible to see the growth and wisdom I’ve gained in a year. I chatted with a friend the other day, and I went on to share how exciting it has been to watch me spread my wings a bit more. I know it hasn’t been easy to walk in this growth spurt…Yet I’m seeing a change in me. Not to be cocky…but I can admit Im”feelin myself “.  This is a season where I’m learning that being grateful can carry you a long way.. FINALLY I can Confidently walk into a room without second guessing who i am…or what people think of me. No longer am I making excuses about things. If I want to change something I do it…I do my best now not to carry on about what I don’t have..who cares if my glass is half full or half empty…as long as I have something in the glass..I refuse to complain….So with that said…  As “hunting season” is rapidly approaching…I have began to receive calls from my past…dudes from high school that never even looked at me twice…guys I never in a million years would have imagined approaching me…I find it funny when I get inboxed…”You married yet?”…all I could do was shake me head.. and laugh. It’s like it takes for me to finally start living…enjoying where I am in life..and I begin getting these foolish inquiries from guys who never ever cared before. I am not going to lie, at first I found it flattering…but then…I thought…Nah…this is some Bull… These inquires could have happened years ago…the question is…would I have had the confidence i have now back then? Probably not. Like a fine wine…I am aging well…and at this point it looks like everyone wants a sip now…does that mean everyone should line up with their glass…No. Does this mean I need to pour myself into everyone who shows signs of “thirst”…No… so what does it mean then…you ask? What it means is…I now know that I am a rare top shelf. I am exclusive…I’m not some regular clear or dark liquor you can buy at the store.  You see..to even get an understanding of my worth…just like fine wines…you have to go to a special vinyard…where they store the best of the best. You can’t just expect me to now…after all these years of ripening and growing to just turn around and go backwards. Because I am now feeling like the royalty that I was destined to be…I refuse to just fall into letting everyone take a “shot” of me. This isn’t college…..this ain’t high school…if your still into drinking from everyone’s cup…I highly suggest you go on and keep sipping else where. What I offer doesn’t deserve to be served in a red cup…what I have is class…And if you can’t compliment my flavor…please step aside….just think about this..You don’t chug a fine wine…you study it…you find foods that enhance the flavor…you sip it slow to savor the taste and lastly…you don’t fill your cup up too much because it’s expensive and you want to cherish each drop. So…with that said…for all you “hunters” out there who have no clue what kind of caliber of a lady your dealing with…please know if you passed me up in the past…you were probably too busy chugging the cheap stuff with the cheap girls…who you thought looked good until you woke up the next day hoping for at least a pretty face. Let’s raise our glasses with a toast to teach eachother to raise our standards…stop drinking stuff that will only leave you with regrets…hangovers…headaches…hurt…pain…forgotten names..and walks of shames. Ladies stop pouring your drink in everyone’s cup…You can be a fine wine too if your willing to mature into it…And Fellas stop sipping on jungle juice and realize it’s time you threw out the red cup…and get you a “Glass” with Class. To my handsome men..Summer time doesn’t have to be fling season…Why not step up your drinking game… and reach higher to the top shelf…if you can’t reach it..well that means you got some growing to Do.  To my Ladies, If you know you are on top shelf status..then Stay up on the shelf…the one who is able to “reach” you will be the one who will cherish your worth. With that said…Ladies and Gents…please “drink” (date) responsibly. #CanYouReach #AreYouTopShelf


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4 thoughts on “I’m Top Shelf Status…Can you Reach it?

  1. You are a Proverbs 31 Woman! God has great things in store for you. You don’t age you only get better. So very proud of you!!!!


    1. So glad you read it! I am a work in progress…on a journey to become a proverbs woman….praying He will continue to guide my path…thank you for your encouragement!


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