A smile goes a long way…


So yesterday morning…I decided that even if it was going to be a rainy day..that I wouldn’t let it change my energy. I even had an encouraging word from a friend that motivated me even more to see that speaking positively will give positive results. Yes..it’s hard day after day…cheering yourself on. Trust me…it’s much easier to feed into negative thoughts…doubt…and whatever else it will take to make you quit.  Surely I wanted to crawl up in a ball and stay in bed yesterday morning…knowing good and well it would only allow more doubt to set in. I’m realizing  that you truly make a choice when you wake up. Either your day will suck..or it can be the most incredible day you have ever had. It’s truly harder to go against the grain and choose the positive route. But ultimately it’s up to you. Now some of you are reading this…saying…sounds easier said then done. But after a long day of working…on a rainy windy day…I still left work smiling. I even decided to get outdoors..breathe in fresh air and work my body to limits I didn’t even think I could accomplish.  As I ran…this beautiful lady…yells out…Go girl..keep smiling…I looked back at her and she yells…never seen someone run with a smile!…Now mind you I was running…and wasn’t even paying attention to my facial expressions. But by the time I looked up…I realized I completed my run with success. Yes..my smile got me to the finish line. I proved myself…that even after a storm…the sun will come back out..and as the sun shined on my skin..all my stress..worries..doubts…hurts…pains diminished. Imagine being able to see your life as a gift. They don’t call it the “Present” for nothing.  Proverbs 27:1 reminds us that you cant be too boastful about the future…being present..positive and eager to press on is a choice each day you are given.  So how do you want to enjoy your “Gift” when you wake up?…Will You plan on wasting precious time by complaining?  Or will you choose to make your day extra Ordinary…by being grateful to breathe again. Just let your smile carry you through your hurts..tears…pains..trust me…your Smile can truly lift you up..And even those around you…just remember life is too short…be kind to yourself.


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