Elevate Your mind…The rest will Follow..


So…..after an amazing weekend in Vegas celebrating with my childhood friends for their 30th birthday. …followed by another incredible weekend celebrating one of my talented friends release of an incredible  book on the dating scene… (yep already finished it!)…..to this past weekend hanging with the friends I’ve known since I moved to Dallas…this summer has been hands down one of the best summers I have had since moving to Texas in 2010. Everything has come full circle. My training wheels of adult life finally broke off. Here I am now riding this life with force…wind in my hair…Confidently looking forward. No more am I looking behind me…no more am I replaying in my mind how many times I fell…got burned…bruised…hurt…how many shed tears… I am consistently learning something new about this new Krystal. Re- introducing myself to a much more confident me has been such a rewarding gift. It was worth the growing pains of the last five years. So…as the summer slowly dies down…I now am revamping my goals..seeing how important it is to stay organized and budgeting wisely. The next 10 years will be phenomenal if I continue to approach life as it comes…I notice that each day I work on being present…cherishing each breath…each smile that warms my face…each moment I get the chance to say I Love you one more time. Each day you get is a gift and it’s up to you how you truly live it out. You can either cry about what you don’t have…or you can choose to work with what ya got. LIFE IS TOO SHORT…to gripe..complain…hold grudges…to not give second chances…Life is too short not to try something new…travel…to take risks…to grow….so with that said…I want you to take a very serious inventory on your life..Are you ready to elevate yourself to the next level? ..are you truly living to the best of your ability? Are you ready to go against the grain are….Are you living each day in a positive light? Or…are you too busy stressing about stuff you have no control over?…..Get your self back on track by looking at what you already have…so that you can enjoy the moments that matter. Seeing my two best friends hit their mild stone age of 30 in vegas…watching my friend proudly enjoy his Book signing and accomplishing his goals that he planned out a year ago….celebrating the life of my new nephew being born and how big my family is growing..these moments are all so awesome…and rewarding when you can truly sit back and be present for them. If all these things happened last year…. the person I was last year wouldn’t have been able to enjoy these awesome events because I was so broken and lost…I was living in doubt and fear..sadness and lonliness…All of those low moments prepared me to embrace these high moments…I now can appreciate these positive blessings going on around me. To all of you who have consistently supported me, encouraged me..wiped my tears…told me to keep pushing when I wanted to quit..I love and thank each of you for helping me along this journey. So thankful to have had the ability to elevate my mind and set myself free…#freeYourself #SweetFreedom #BePresent #lookforward #StayPositive #CherishLife #StayBlessedNotStressed #Life2Short


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One thought on “Elevate Your mind…The rest will Follow..

  1. What a beautiful example of “self-witnessing.” Truly a gift and self love to be able to reflect on self and lovingly share with others. God bless you, Krystal.


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