Snap out of it….


You ever have a moment in your life where you get a little lost in translation? Like you think everything is going fine…but you find yourself second guessing where you are going? Welp…let’s just say I was there for the last couple of months. Riding a wave of doubt…going through some uncomfortable growth spurts professionally and personally…but all the while trying to act as if I truly had it all together. It’s crazy…with a background in acting and performance…I should have recieved an Academy award by now for the role I play in my life sometimes. I once wrote about being Lil miss sunshine…and the true consequences you face when you are consistently relied on to bring joy to others…but at some point in life…you have to snap out of it before you SNAP… I just got back from taking such an incredible trip away that put so much in perspective. It’s funny how when you leave your comfort zone…you are finally able to regroup. I went 5 days without socal media interrupting my peace of mind…no texts…no emails…no job meetings..nothing… I experienced pure face to face interactions with people from different parts of the world. I was able to check out from my own reality and check into the reality of others. It was mind blowing to have an intellectual stimulated conversation without any distractions. Spent time laughing and learning from others. The old fashioned way of communication was back and I must admit…I loved it. For once I was an active listener…instead of the talker…for once I let loose a little and allowed the me I’ve been searching for re-surface… and lastly…I finally took a breath while and watching the sunset.. realizing…life is not about focusing on what hasn’t happened…it’s more about being present…focused on trying and learning new things. Allowing yourself to venture out and challenge yourself to dig deeper. There are many of you who are trying to figure out your next move…you have hit some milestones…you have accomplished many things..and yet you still feel so behind..unsatisfied. ..lost. I’m here to tell you… i know life can kick you while your down…it happens
..just know…you gotta keep pushing..get back up…and Snap out of it. Open your eyes and see what’s in front of you…know that each day you have the air in your will have the incredible opportunity to do something you didn’t do the day before. You have the ability to continue to evolve..and discover things about yourself you didn’t even know you had. Just know…you are gonna have those days that you want to just day SCREW it! Yes you will have nights where your pillow will be your tissue box…’s ok..there is so much more to this life that you have yet to live. All that other stuff you worry beyond your control…what you can control is how you react when those lemons are thrown at ya…your either gonna make the lemonade..or be mad about being hit. This life you live…you only have one shot…so why sit there and not see the world? Why wait to live if you are breathing right now? I have been blessed with people who truly throw lemons at me…not to be mean…but because they have faith in me that I can handle the challenge of making the lemonade! Just know that Sometimes you will need to be grounded by people in your life who will push you the best you..even if it means pushing you out of the comfort zone. And even when you don’t have folks like that around…know that you do have the amazing ability to pick yourself back up…snap out of it…and cheer your self to the finish line. I encourage you…to take a moment…and think of all the great things you have to be grateful for…I can gaurentee the more you do will less likely fall into moments of doubt…slip into comas of depression or stay knocked down for long. Do your self a favor…open your eyes and take notice to who and what’s around you…if neither helps promote your growth or motivate you to keep pushing…please detox and rid yourself of what ever is preventing you to grow…and know you are not alone.
#SnapOutOfIt #dontGiveIn #detox #gettingBackUp #FightersWin #Breathe #PromoteYourGrowth #RemoveBlinders #takeAChance #liveYourLife #LiveFree


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