Shifting Gears…..


This week marks a very interesting time in my life. There was transition going on. A new season approaching, and I felt something huge in my life was about to take place. This was the very week in September that I took a leap of faith,my best friend helped pack up my old car…and I waved good bye to everything I knew. I can still remember hugging my grandmother good bye…telling her..”It’s just Dallas Mommom…I’ll be back one day”… and yes..I’ll never forget balling in the car with my little sister as we belted out “the climb” by Miley syrus…and lastly…taking in that deep breath as I watch my parents waving in my rear view mirror. Sept 22nd..2010…I decided to truly take a risk at totally living and growing in another city. In the last 5 years I’ve been here… I can not believe how much has happened. So much growth…the hurts..the accomplishments…the new people…it’s just so interesting to look back on all that has transpired since then.  Now I’ve stated before how I used to hate the Fall….how it reminded me of death..gloom…solitude….but I can’t help but get excited now. Instead of the fall reminding me of death
..I now look at the fall as the season that allows things that are not needed in your life to fade away. To let go of “dead” weight. To truly allow yourself to shed the layer of doubt…insecurities…anxieties…in a way the fall is a new season to start fresh all over again. To get focused again…to get a fresh perspective of who is really important and who is not necessary….to really get back to your passions…and to remind yourself why you have to live out your purpose. You see lately I’ve been reflecting…and I realize with every breath I’s another opportunity to take a chance. It’s another monent to live out your passions…its another moment to love and be loved.  Life is more than where you work…what you drive…how many texts you many likes you get…how much attention is recieved by others…life has so much to offer when your not off worrying what others think of you…or why they don’t like you..that stuff gets tiring…and to those who know me well…you know that lately I may have been a little more brutally honest …and it can be shocking at times…but that’s what happens when you are tired of giving a damn  about folks that never thought twice about you. You see..I’m shifting gears…there is a transition happening that is beyond my control..and frankly…I’m done apologizing for it. I’m excited to shed that old skin I’ve been living in. And to those of you who cant handle weren’t meant to be on this road with me long anyway. I can’t continue to hold on to things..or people or places that are not willing to grow..elevate..motivate..inspire…evolve….If you want to continue to do the same things…with the same folks…and the same places…that’s your choice…but there comes a time in your life..where you have to go left on purpose…where you have to walk to the beat of your own drum.. where you take the lead instead of singing back up…where finally you can think freely…away from those who can’t understand why you don’t “kick it” like you used to. Don’t worry…you don’t have to explain why you are choosing to live your life…and no…you don’t need to have permission to go your own way. Live for you…not for anyone else.. I was told the best advice weeks ago….to be your own best friend…to have your own back sometimes…and it’s so true…no one can love you you can. So I encourage all of you reading this…know that the season is changing..and most likely you are too…just understand that change is good…..growth is even better..and truth is..not everyone is meant to be there throughout your next chapter in life. Some may stay…to support you…some may stay to push you..some may stay to challenge you…those are the people you want in your corner…all that other stuff…is just wasting your precious time and space..collecting dust… I highly suggest..If you haven’t already…shift gears…  It is time to shed the dead weight your carrying…and push forward to places you haven’t seen yet… Recognize that you have more in you to give than ever before… Its finally time for you to dig deep and follow your intsincts.  Stop worring about what hasnt happened in your life… and get out there and live. Are you ready for the next level? #elevate #pushThru #LiveFree#onToThaNext #grinding #focus #liveTrue2U #reflecting #changinglanes #GoLeft


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