Running with the Bulls…


Everything you do in life is a choice. When you wake up,you have a choice to make it amazing. You have the option to do something incredible. You have the opportunity to take yourself to the next level. I know some of you are reading this like….ok enough of the optimistic crap. I know you are reading this like how can I make my day amazing when everything around me sucks. You can’t stand your job, having issues with your boo or no boo at all, and you are tired of not getting anywhere different in life.  Well what if I told you that you actually have the power to change all of those situations. Hate your job? Go get a New one. Your boo not treating you like you right? Well drop the person and do You. Want him/her in yoir life, tell em how you feel. Stuck in a bad place? Get out and get lost until you find where you want to be. I mean I know it sounds simple, but in reality it is just that simple. You see, lately I’ve come to realize that what seperates people from being great and becoming greater, is their ability to take chances. How do I know that you ask? Well I have fallen victim to this issue time and time again in all aspects of my life. I’ll complain about things and I don’t do anything to change the situation. How do I ever expect to get different results if I never try a different tactic to get what I want or need? I’ve been watching shows like Empire and The voice…sitting back complaining about the writing of an episode…or the way she sang that hook….but how can I complain when I’m not out their trying to make things happen myself? I hate to admit this but lately I’ve been slipping. My passions, dreams, ideas, gifts and talents I’ve totally packed away in a notebook and I am allowing it to collect dust. Why you ask? Well I’ve allowed the distractions of everyday life take priority. My singleness, has been quite a component that I haven’t fully taken advantage of,And I am working somewhere where I truly am using such a small part of the gifts God has giving me. The irony here is I was given the award “Runs with the Bulls: Biggest Risk taker” at my job 2 years ago.  I Stare At this award Everyday At My office and often ask myself.. what am I so afraid of? Failure? Rejection? I mean obviously I take chances at work..often challenging myself to be better…so how come I can’t do it outside of the work place? Have I lost the drive to take the risks I need to get to greatness? I mean here’s a woman who left all she knew, made a life for herself in a different city, and have continued to grow in ways unimaginable. And yet, I still feel as if I have so much more in me to give. I am more than the routine that I have created for the past five years. A great friend of mine at work reminded me not to forget what I’m here for. To discover my greatness…to use my gifts to its full capacity. I don’t want to leave this earth saying…man I should have,could have, would have. The year is slowly coming to a close, and everyone has the amazing opportunity to get greater. I have had to be my own cheer leader lately, often telling myself to reach new levels and stretch. Along the way I have been blessed with some incredible people here in dallas who have continued to push me, even when I’ve seemed to have lost my way. I’ve even met some people who truly have ignited me to the point where I can’t hide my shine any longer. Why not let my light shine?  It’s time I live up to the award that was given to me two years ago. If I’m such a risk’s time I actually take a chance and go get what I want! It’s time I quit talking and start grinding. It’s time I stop being so afraid of the woman I am becoming and just Choose to finally take a chance. So…I ask the person who is reading this right now, what are you holding back for?  What are you so afraid of? Are you ready to take a chance and choose to go to the next level? Are you ready to go and meet your destiny face to face? Well…time will not wait for you, why not use your time wisely and begin fulfilling your purpose? It’s not too late to take a chance on yourself.  Get out of your own way, and allow yourself to get closer to your greatness.


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