To sink or swim..Define your Moment.


The picture above is from my graduation from The University of Maryland theatre Program in 2008. It’s hard to believe it’s been 7 years since I took one of the most challenging steps in my life. It wasn’t the easiest moment, but quite an amazing accomplishment. 5 long years of stress, conflict, self discovery, retaining knowledge, meeting people, loosing friends, accomplishments and failures. I just never ever believed I’d actually graduate. To be honest, I never saw myself going to college. High school was hard enough for me academically mainly because I placed my focus on everything else. So when it came to college, I just didn’t believe it was in the cards for me. With 5 years of college under my belt, I look back on it and truly shake my head at the fact that I had the guts to actually push through. I often would take leaps forward, progressing well in my classes …but then turn right around and fall backwards. But something inside of me would not allow me to quit. I just kept getting back up. Sometimes in life you have to fail in order to prevail. You have to fall, in order to know how it feels to get back up. And sometimes  you have be broken down in order to become brand new. Now I know many of you reading don’t like going through a trial, problem,conflicts, or anything that makes you feel low. But I’m seeing that it’s all apart of your story. You see, for those of you who know me Well, I’m a movie/music person. Yes, I’m the girl who loves the sappy love song,  or even the deep dramatic love film…but its because I love watching or hearing the journey that is taking place.  In all of those movies or songs…there is some sort of conflict. The singer/actor is constantly trying to overcome something, and has you at the edge of your seat hoping for a happy ending. However, the big difference is, in life you don’t get a chance to re-write the script, or change the lyrics.
You have to endure your low moments, encounter conflicts, and experience those loney hours in order to appreciate your “happy endings”.  It’s amazing how the bible reminds us often that “Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning” (Psalm 30:5). That verse still holds true. Even when you think your situation may look bleek, or you feel behind or stuck. Just remember it’s apart of your motion picture or soundtrack. Every intricate detail of your story has been written, you are just living it out every step of the way. If I could give advice to that young lady graduating from college 7 years ago, I would have told her, “Be present and take life as it comes to you, don’t forget to be yourself, and to live freely”. It’s crazy that I truly thought I knew who I was at 22…now here I am standing on my own two feet as a completely different person whom I hardly recognize anymore.  A woman who is tired of apologizing for who she is becoming. I just know that my life story is destined for something far beyond anything I can imagine. I just have to get out of my own way, and continue to press forward no matter what downfall hits me next. Life has its dark moments sometimes, but its how you choose to live through them that allows you to see the glimer of light shine through. So…how are you going  to get through your defining moments? Ultimately, it’s your choice whether you sink or swim…so I highly suggest you choose wisely. #Keepswiming #gettingBackUp #FightersWin #Breathe #beBrave #BePresent


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2 thoughts on “To sink or swim..Define your Moment.

  1. well!! This helps.. I am that 22 year old who feels lost and confused but I continue to push through. Im seeking for a better me krysy.


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