I am Enough..


For the past 14 days, I have been on an incredible challenge of self discovery. One of my favorite writers and certified life Coach by the name of John Patrick Adams issued an exciting 28 day challenge on “How to become someone you want to date”. (Check out his website http://www.johnpatrickadams.com for more!) Now when I first heard about this I said to myself, “what’s the worst that can happen?” I’m always up for trying something different to yield different results, so why not go for it?  So I decided to take up the challenge and dig deeper into the woman I am becoming. Self evaluation is so important, however I must admit I normally run the opposite direction when having to look in the mirror to depict what I see.  Why you ask? Well, it can be uncomfortable  to expose the truth about yourself and I feel Most of us never even take the time out to focus on the good things about ourselves.
   One of the challenges had you list 10 things you like about yourself, and 10 things you want to change. Believe it or not, I could have listed 20 things I’d change about myself which spoke volumes to me.  I was troubled with how quick I was able to find things I wanted to change rather the things i liked.  So I had to sit down and re-evaluate how I  felt about me. As the week went on, I would read the things I liked about myself and I noticed how much I stand out.  I’m not like any other woman I’ve ever met before and there will never be anyone who can even come close to being me. After 9 days passed by, I noticed my posture began to shift a bit. My style of dress, make up and hair all started to reflect these new feelings about myself.  I stood taller when I’d walk into my meetings at work, speaking confidently, and even taking opportunities that the old Krystal only dreamed of. I began to be proud of how I was created. I embraced the woman who was staring back at me.    The last 14 days has inspired me to continue to walk in my purpose in ways I never imagined.
One statement in the challenge that was written made an impact on me and it simply stated…”I am Enough”. There is power in simplicity. I thought about if I’m ever in doubt about who I am becoming, I’ll simply remind myself…I am enough, I am a woman destined to create and evoke change through theatrical expression. I am enough, a woman who is no longer apologetic about who she is becoming. I am enough, a woman who is an intellectual individual willing to share what’s her my mind. I am enough, a woman who now that  loving me first is a significant  step into to be loved by someone else. I am Enough, a woman who knows that it’s ok to have a low moment…but to get back up and keep growing.  I am right where God needs me to be.  I know the challenge is titled “How to become someone you would date.” However, this challenge goes deeper for me. It is helping me re-introduce myself to me. No more will I dim my light so that I don’t shine as bright. I was born to stand out and it’s time I enjoy it.  So to any of you are going through a tough time and you feel as if you are inadequate, that you have not lived up to your own expectations, or it’s too late to pursue your dreams. I encourage you to start living like you Know You are enough.
Nothing can stop you from being the best you BUT you! Its time You get out of your own way…and Allow your light to shine, inspire others, impact a life, walk into your purpose and lastly choose to love you.  Once you open your eyes and look in the mirror to see how intricately you have been created, you will feel more inclined to take better care of yourself by loving who you are. Stop focusing on what you WERE or who you Wish to be and understand that the person you are right Now Is Enough!  #IAmEnough #WorthIt #topShelf #classic #Rare #LiveFree #pushThru #purposeDriven #artistlife


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