Time waits for no one


Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been totally consumed with my busy schedule. Focused, and working on things that will eventually lead me to where I want to go in life. Over the thanksgiving break I promised myself I’d take the opportunity to slow down and spend time with friends and enjoy good conversation. I even had to remind myself to place my phone in my purse so that I could truly be present and not take the time spent for granted. Due to those efforts, I had a lot of fun and was totally thankful for my friends this holiday season. My first major holiday away from family really had me dreading the season. But God has placed some incredible people in my life here in Dallas that I am very grateful for.  I called my family that day…being that I was not home for my dad’s birthday. Made sure I spoke to my aunts and uncles to let them know how thankful I was for their love. And then I  had a long conversation with a friend of mine whom I’ve known since age 11. We have watched each other grow, and although we are miles apart…we have maintained a bond that most people would kill for. As we talked about one of our dearest friends recent engagement, we got on the topic of marraige. Now I’ve known this guy for a while, and to hear him speak on the pressure he receives from his parents about saying “I do” it was shocking to me. He asked me how do I handle the “marriage” pressure…and I answered I dont. I mean here is the flat out truth, as I stated earlier I’m so consumed with my grind right now, dating doesn’t even happen. Does that mean I don’t want to be with anyone? Absolutely not, but obviously at this point in my life it hasn’t happened yet. Time is all I have to give…and I’d rather spend my time doing something that helps me live a life worth living.  I told him I want to travel while I have time. I want to enjoy my theatre life while I can make time for it. I want to enjoy every aspect of this life while I have it because I know when the time comes for me to spend my life with that special someone…I want to be sure I can fully give him what he needs. 100 percent of me. However until then…time waits for no one! Be encouraged to live life to the fullest…learn new things, meet incredible people,  travel to new places, serve others in need, support family and friends in their endevours. Why waste precious time wishing to love someone…when you could be spending precious time living in the moment and loving yourself. I challenge whoever is reading this to Change your focus, get on your grind and most of all stop watching the clock. Time doesn’t stop and unfortunately has no time to wait for you to make up your mind. A new year is amongst us….how are you going to spend the rest of this month? The choice is yours…#liveYourLife #TimeWontwait


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