Leaving it in 2015…..


2016 is a day a way, and as it approaches I’ve decided to not make any new years resolutions. It’s so cliche and honestly, I never stick to them. So instead I am going to take all that I have learned from 2015 and do my best to grow from those lessons in 2016. After reading an amazing post yesterday from someone who often inspires me and also is one of my favorite writers, posed the question “What has 2015 taught you?”. Immediately I started feeling proud, as I reflected on the things I was able to accomplish in 2015. As I continued reading the post, it began speaking on being a survivor which led me to one of my biggest lessons learned. 
   2015 taught me to choose to love me. I chose to find ways to finally treat Krystal right. I didn’t seek anyone to make me feel better or wait for anyone to take me anywhere. I finally found my “freedom” to enjoy myself. If I wanted brunch…I took myself to brunch. If I wanted to go watch the sunset by the lake, I didn’t feel bad sitting on the bench alone. I learned to not let anyone or anything hold me back from reaching my goals.  I spoke my mind without any apologies. I stopped saying “what if?”and started saying “why not?” I traveled to foreign places with people I love, and created new friendships along the way.  
     However..looking back on 2015,  I know that there Is still work that needs to be done. Thankfully I am blessed with incredible family and friends who  motivate and challenge me to be better.  Thanks to these people keeping it 100% with me all year, I took their thoughts into consideration.  I challenge myself to become a better listener. To truly be present, and learn how to sit back and observe more. It’s time I learn how to really be a behind the scenes woman instead of always on the stage. I realize my personality can be so huge, that it fills a room but I feel at times I miss out on others who have important things going on in their life all because I like to shine. There is a time and a place to be in the spot light, and I’m learning that everyone deserves to shine. I have to admit, for years I’ve totally made it about me and frankly, I do not want to go into 2016 being selfish. There is a way to balance it all out and that’s what I will focus on. What I refuse to do in 2016, is take anything from 2015 with me. The lessons I learned are complete, so there is no need to rehash any of it going into the new year. 
   It is amazing when you know you are going into a new year tougher than ever. Surviving your trials can reveal alot about what you can handle. And it’s those trials that in turn help you appreciate  your triumphs.
    So to anyone reading this, know that you shouldn’t take the past with you if you are looking to be a better you. Just Leave it all in 2015.  It’s a chapter in your life you can not do over. Whether it was good, bad or ugly… leave it as it was. You should get excited to experience the next chapter in your life. Be thankful you are even able to see the next year coming. Do not harp on what you didn’t get to do in 2015 and realize you get a clean slate to start fresh.  Now before you turn the page, be sure to reflect on what you have learned, get over what you can’t change, and push yourself to take it up a notch. I’m ready to leave it all in 2015….arent you?
I pray you all have a great last day in 2015..whether its spent with family and friends or on your own, try to be present.  As this is my last post of the year, I want to thank those of you who have supported “My Journey to freedom” throughout the last two years.   Thank you so much for being there with me. Your support is more than appreciated!  What an incredible year it’s been. Let’s go into 2016 ready to get that much closer to our destiny, shall we? Love you all, and remember to Live Free!


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