Actions speak Louder….


Alright…it’s 2016, and gym memberships are through the roof.  People are at The GNC looking for their next get skinny fix …just to turn around 6 weeks later and relapse into old habits.  People start talking about what they want to do different…how they will do it, how long the will do it..and that’s all good in well. But what are you willing to do to get what you want? Over the Christmas break, my sisters and I were up late talking about our health. My sisters were honest and told me that they expected to see a difference in me when I came home for the holidays. They were right and I admited I could be doing better.  No more crazy diets…no more starving myself. No more talking about it. I realized it’s going to take a daily effort to get what I want. Monday night…I was cooking and I was flipping between two shows, The Bachelor and the Biggest Loser. Both entertaining but used for different purposes. It’s funny because I used to watch the bachelor faithfully because I thought those ladies were confident, beautiful and lucky. They were all a size two  (it seemed) and I assumed they could have any man they wanted. The show provided me with the fantasy of what I wished to be.  As far as the  Biggest loser.. I used to dread watching it. I would see women that reminded me of me, and due to not wanting to face the reality of what stares back at me in the mirror… I would purposely ignore that life changing show. It was like I’d rather fantasize about unrealistic goals, then face the truth in my reality.
  Now over the last two years I’ve  grown so much inwardly, that finally I’m loving the person that I’ve become. However, my older sister made a very profound statement as we chatted that night.  She said “remember when you love something…you take good care of it.” So I took that statement to heart as she hugged me I realized she was telling me to suck it up and get it together.  It’s almost like I had to get vaunerable and bare the ugly truth that I’m not where I should be health wise.
    I know there is a whole movement out there…curvy..thick…whatever else they call it. But whatever happened to promoting healthy bodies…. it gets so confusing…because it’s now popular to “BBW”. When in reality people are squeezing into these body traps making you feel dizzy and uncomfortable. Plus those garments are so expensive and can make you feel defeated the moment you go home and undo them.  
     All of these thoughts were in my head as I continued to watch the Bachelor and it hit me. Those women hardly knew who they were. They were insecure, especially as the handsome gentlemen made his rounds to meet the ladies. Those women ended up being so unattractive the more I watched. So I flipped back to Biggest loser, and for a first time in a long time, I was inspired instead of embarrased. I was motivated to start taking action towards showing my body some love.  I realized those women and men stood before America with their bodies exposed. No make up or hair done. No sucking in, no waist trainers. None of that. This awesome group of peoole had the confidence within to stand there knowing they loved themselves so much, that they were willing to show themselves they could conquer the impossible. Meanwhile the insecure “beauty queens” on the bachelor immidiately became defeated, unsure of themselves and so envious of eachother…it disgusted me.
     The beauty in this observation is that I am in a pivotal place in my life where I have the power to change my circumstance. There is nothing wrong with me wanting to make my actions speak Louder. Forgive me for not being team curvy, but I don’t want to wear corsets underneath my clothing anymore. I want to be able to work hard and see my progress because I put the effort in it.  No I don’t want to eat one meal a day and starve either. Im getting in cooking mode for health purposes and it’s so much cheaper than buying these meal replacements.’s forcing me to learn how to cook. Personally I want to see the best me possible. I want to be able to like all of what I see..and not just the selfie portion. I would like to for once have a summer where I don’t have to wear all this extra stuff while headed to the pool.
I know some of these things sound so minor, but for those of you who have ever struggled with weight, I know you know what im talking about. Just like anything you do in life, we know it takes focus and effort to get things done. Words are nice…but it doesn’t promote any action. So to all my talkers out there, who claim they have a plan to get fit… who have all these great ideas…who have told everyone their goals.. I ask you to put your money where your mouth is. Put action to it. You say you want to cook more… cook… You starting Hot yoga classes? Well don’t quit after the first class. You want to take up dance classes… well start dancing then. Don’t just say it… start doing it. We are 6 days into the new year. What are you going to do about it?
Are you going to keep moving your mouth or are you finally ready to put the action behind those words? It’s your choice… and your body… but just remember you live once. So why not take care of the body you have been given by allowing your actions to speak Louder than your words? 2016 is not waiting for you… so get it going and find a healthier you. It’s your choice so choose wisely.


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One thought on “Actions speak Louder….

  1. Read JJ Smith’s books (3)…..she’s also on fb….I’ve already started the 10 day green cleanse! Know exactly how you feel ….feeling the same myself …..keep telling myself I’m cleaning out my Temple where the Holy Spirit lives……

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