I dare you to Live…


On this past Monday I interviewed an incredible person at work.  I am an Admissions representative and often times you meet that one person that opens your eyes. That person that places a reminder on your heart that life needs to be lived with no excuses. I woke up today and decided to ignore the lazy mentality mode and go into work determined. As I  parked, my coworker let me know my appointment came in very early. Now that meant no time for hot tea.. no time to chit chat…it’s time to work. To be honest, I wasnt feelin it. My determined mindset suddenly disappeared and it set in that it was going to be a busy Monday. I walk through the door, and I see a beautiful young lady who is in a wheel chair. All of my convictions began to set in.. here I am complaining she was there early and there she was eager for someone to give her a chance.  So I greeted her with a smile, and put my things down. I said to myself… “listen to her story today.” I knew then I was about to learn such a significant lesson at work.
      As she came into my office,  she exuded such confidence. Her energy was through the roof. We began talking and I put my note pad down and forgot all about my little problems. My problems meant nothing as soon as I heard her story. Imagine always being told you won’t amount to much. Imagine being told that there is no possible way you can do anything in life because of a disability. I asked her… “what  was her motivation to start school?” And she replied… “Life.”
       As tears began to roll down her cheek, She stated that she felt chained to her disability and it’s time she started living again. At that point I started crying because I saw this young lady as a fighter. So brave to go against the grain. She was married to a man who doubts her ability… and yet..she still came to my office bright in early on a Monday.  Me and her are the same age with the same hunger. However by looking at her.. you assume she can’t do much. I was guilty of that at first glance. It’s true that I automatically questioned her ability to be a cosmetologist.
    However, after an hour of listening to her, I was ignited all over again. Seeing her fight for her passion, made me look at my circumstances.  If I could have even an ounce more faith in myself the way she did, I know things in my life would be different. She hugged me so tight as she told me thank you for believing in her. At that moment I knew I was sitting in front of a very successful young lady. She could have quit her dreams long ago.. but the fighter in her dared to live. She dared herself to get two degrees, she dared her self to get back to being able to walk. She dared herself to go out for her passion of cosmetology. I needed to meet her and hear her story, because I know I get comfortable. I know at times I stay under the radar so that I can coast through life. After meeting her, I was inspired to live on purpose. To challenge myself in ways I never dared to. It’s time to stop dimming my light as if I wasn’t meant to shine.
   Each of you reading this has a fighter inside. Some of you know that and you are successful because of it. However There are some of you who don’t even recognize the greatness you have within because your too busy concerning yourself with the wrong things and people. You are allowing your situation to hold you back from what you are destined to be. Your dreams are consistently calling you and yet you continue to ignore it. You Are always Hoping For success to find you instead of you grinding to get there. When are you going to start living as if it were your last day on earth?  What are you going to do different to find the fighter within?
    What I learned from this young lady was to accept your differences. To understand the gifts you were given and to grind until you reach your passions. To the person reading this who is going through this life coasting under the radar…. I dare you to Live, I dare you to love,  I dare you to dream. Otherwise what’s the point of living if you are not willing to be brave and give change a chance? Evolve into that person you never thought you could be, embrace your unique gifts and find a way to get out there and use them.  It’s no use letting your gifts go to waste. Time waits for no one….so what are you waiting for?


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