What’s the point?


So, I’m sitting here on my lunch break soaking up the sun, as I struggled to figure out what to write. Happened to come across the picture I took of a coke bottle about a couple weeks ago, and a light bulb went off that prompted me to write. On the bottle is says “share a coke with your soulmate”. Many of you reading this are probably wondering to yourself if soulmates even exist. I’m not going to fill your head up with sweet nothings telling you that your true love is out there. But what I will say is this… soulmates or significant others aren’t nessarily going to fix everything. It’s not going to automatically make you feel happy or fulfilled in some way. I’m not saying relationships are not awesome things to have, but I feel when the focus is dedicated to finding your soulmate, you may begin feeling   empty. Over the course of this week, I’ve totally made it a point to aknowlegde how I feel about the infamous holiday of Valentines day. Have I ever had a date on Feb 14th? Nope, unless letting your dad take you and sisters out to dinner counts. I mean honestly, what’s the point of picking one day out of the year to tell someone you love them. Shouldn’t we already be doing so? I totally get it, everyone (including me) would love to say that I have plans for a weekend getaway with the man I love. Of course I’d love to be seranaded to, by someone who truly knows my heart. But, loves…the reality is.. it’s not going down like that for me right now. I write alot about making choices…and I feel like people have a choice to really make this holiday whatever you want. You can either grab ice cream and rent “Sleepless in Seattle”, you can get your girls to come over and watch “Waiting to Exhale”… or.. you can continue on with your regular programing. This holiday has always been one of those forgotten ones for me being that I’m 7 days from my Birthday!  So,what do I choose you ask? Well I’m not going to be cliche about this and say “I’m going to love me this weekend..” because I choose to do that already. What I am going to do is have fun with whomever I decide to hang out with. What’s the point in eating sugar, laying on my couch with tissues from watching “Love and Basketball.” It’s not going to solve anything and really it’s just a waste of precious time… so listen up loves… this weekend is what you make it… get out and have fun…really, what’s the point on missing out on life? Remember time waits for no one.. so live already.


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