Cherish your friends ….


I turned 31 last week, and man I felt and looked amazing. I had loved ones come in from out of town… that I never imagined I’d see! My best friend did a phenomenal Job of making me feel special. Since February 1, my closest friends have been surprising me with visits and it’s been incredible. It got me thinking though, how many people truly know the meaning of true friendship. I must admit, I’ve been quite blessed to have maintained some solid friendships since childhood. How did I manage to do this? Well, I learned to cherish people at a young age. I learned to love unconditionally, and whole heartedly. And in return, I have recieved love. I have felt cherished. And as I have been blessed with another year, I plan to continue to love with all I have. You see when you cherish and love others, it becomes infectious. It’s incredible how what you put out into the universe you get back times 10. Over the last 20 years I’ve treated my friends and family with love, and in return the love I have recieved lately has been overwhelming. So with that said, please take a moment today to reach out to those you love. Cherish them, because life is so short. You never know when you will have to depart this life. Always take time to love on your friends and family while they are able to recieve it. Thank you so much to all who have come to dallas to share my February with me! I love you all!




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