I used to feel Unpretty..


So Lately, I’ve been wearing less makeup. I have been taking the time out to study my face. The lines, the beauty marks. The shape of my eyebrows. The curves my mouth makes when I smile. It’s amazing that about 10 years I couldn’t bare to look at who was starring back at me in the mirror. It was to the point I hated pictures, and I didn’t dare let anyone look into my eyes for too long out of fear of them finding my imperfections. 
    So this past weekend, my mom came to visit and we spent the weekend catching up. She stared at me as we sat by the lake and she said with such pride how beautiful I was becoming. As she wiped my tears, I told her that finally for the last year in a half..I was beginning to love the woman I see. She told me she could tell. She said it was all in how I  carried myself. Shoulders back, chest up right..eyes starring straight ahead. She said I walked like I cared about who I was.    You know it’s one thing to hear… “oh you’re so pretty… oh you have such a pretty face… oh what a beautiful spirit you have.”  You can say thank you to a million complements all you want..but until you truly believe what others see in you for yourself..those compliments will go in one ear and out of the other. Countless times I’ve wasted a glance or two at myself all because I felt I was “unpretty”. Feeling as if no one would ever find me attractive. I hid from the light, hiding my face, my body, even my personality all because I convinced myself I was unworthy to be seen. Unfortunately,  I allowed many years of this negativity take over. And you could feel it…I downplayed my beauty and because of that it cost me the freedom to be me. I underestimated my worth, and I placed myself underneath the light of others because I figured..what was the point of me shining if my light wasn’t as pretty as the others. Someone reading this is an unsung hero, underestimated, feeling under pressure because you think you are unpretty. Well let me be the first to tell you, that it’s time to undo these negative thoughts. It’s time you realize you are a force to be reckoned with. You are powerful beyond measure. Your beauty is yours because no one can do it like you. You have this incredible thing about you that can not be duplicated or imitated. Your beauty is uniquely intertwined into this incredible being that others can’t understand. You were carefully created to be different. And until you start embracing your so called “unprettyness” then you will continue to miss out on what stares back at you in the mirror. I don’t care what imperfections you think you have..know this, we are all fearfully and wonderfully made. No where did it ever say we were to be perfect. So please, take a moment today. Look in the mirror, beyond that mac foundation, take off the lashes, wipe off the eyebrows. Embrace your freckles, fine lines, your eye shape.  Find your inner beauty and I promise you will see how incredibly beautiful you really are underneath all the things you think make you “Pretty”. #nomakeup #justMe #takeMeorLeaveMe #IAmEnough #WorthIt #topShelf


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