Spring forward….


Someone came up to me yesterday telling me I look so vibrant. And instead of me saying something to deflect the compliment,  I replied with a very confident “thank you”. Since January 1, I decided to look at myself differently. Instead of reminding myself of my past, things I haven’t accomplished, or even things that are currently bothering me… I have chosen to be thankful for all that I presently have. I have air in my lungs, which allows me to breathe. I have working limbs, that allow me to function. I have family and friends who actually care. And last but never least I have faith in God which truly is my source of the very life I live. You see, life is incredibly short. If you continue to harp on what you don’t have, you will lead a very miserable life. With spring amongst us, I challenge each of you to do some spring cleaning. Clean up all those negative thoughts,get rid of toxic people or habits that are hindering you from moving forward, and start a brand new chapter. Clean up your house, open your windows,  take in the freshness that spring offers. Take a moment to look around at all you have been blessed with and be grateful. Until you truly start taking notice that you are actually doing quite well for yourself… you will forever stay stuck in one place. A place of feeling unsatisfied, a place of insecurities, a place of feeling stuck. So shed those layers of sadness and allow yourself to embrace where you are in life. Like I always say… you have a choice in how you live your life. You can continue to look backwards if you want to..but I hate to tell you… you will not get very far if you don’t look at what’s in front of you. Stay focused , get some sun, and most of all.. start living like it’s your last day on earth! 


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