Can’t steal my Sunshine…


I woke up this morning feeling rested and blessed to be filled with the breath in my lungs, with my mood in a great place.  I know you are reading this like… “Good for you…want a Cookie? ” Frankly I can care less about those of you who just walk around like woe is me. Its honestly not my fault that you choose not to see what a blessing it is to be alive. That you have another chance to make today incredible. With my choice to make today amazing, I decided to treat myself to a chai tea and Breakfast from Starbucks. The young lady who took my order was so excited to be working. Pleased and confident in herself…I looked her in the eye and said..looks like you enjoy what you do. And she replied with such refreshing energy, we both laughed as she asked for my name.. and for those who know me I always reply.. “Krystal with a K” She replied eagerly with a smile and proceeded to leave such a beautiful note on my breakfast packaging….  For her to have had such an upbeat personality, it impacted my whole day. Her energy reminded me that it is ok to smile, and to have a positive outlook on life. You see I was once teased for being positive, too upbeat, too excited about life. But I tell you what.. my jovial spirit has brought me many things in my adult life. Due to my illuminating Aura that I give off , it’s brought me more opportunities in the work place. Even when I am in need of something, people are more willing to help due to my  kind spirit. No longer do I choose to hide my light..not because of what I get in return.. but mainly because it leaves a lasting effect on those I cross paths with. I love that my presence has the ability to be infectious and I’m no longer going to feel like I have to dim my light all because other folks would rather sulk in their sorrows. My advice to you Debbie downers..and negative Nancy’s….please know you can’t steal my sunshine. You could be filled with more joy if you took a moment to look around and see what you should be grateful for. You know, it’s crazy what a smile will do.. it could potentially change someone’s day.. especially those of you who need to get out of your feelings. You truly don’t have anything to complain about so I highly suggest you suck it up… look around you and know you have the choice to make your life better just be being grateful!  #getItTogether #pushThru #StayPositive #LoveWins #SmileToday #LoveOthers


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