Regroup and push through!


You ever have one of those days where you wake up late, you miss breakfast, it’s raining, no make up..and you arrive at work with 50 million things waiting for you? Welp… that was me yesterday. I totally overslept.. missed my work out and just felt so behind as I rushed out my door. I’d love to tell you that immediately I told myself it would be an incredible day.. that I kept pushing through traffic with a huge smile. But, that was not the case. Yesterday morning sucked and there was nothing I could do at that point but to go with it. Because I felt tired… I looked tired, and In my line of work you can’t just show up looking how you feel. Working for the beauty industry.. each day you have to bring your A game. Yesterday, I looked as if I was meant to work behind the scenes. I tried to smile through it.. but it just wasn’t helping. I tried to speak postitive…but at that point, I was no longer focused. Yes, I was in attendance to my own pity party. So, instead of inviting my co-workers to my Woe is me.. day sucks party, I removed myself. I went home on my lunch break,  took my hair down out of that raggedy ponytail…. Looked in the mirror and took a deep breath in. I was overwhelmed. Stressed… trying to do everything on my own, on top of maintaining a positive attitude. Instead of me staying in my funk,  I decided to start over. I prayed for peace and chose to be honest with where I was in that moment.
       I accepted my morning wasn’t my best..but I refused to let the rest of the day unfold how it started. So I went back to work after upgrading my look. I felt back to normal and was able to end my day feeling productive! Imagine if I never took that extended lunch for self restoration. The day would have ended in defeat. Making that minor adjustment to get realigned was such a defining moment in who I am becoming. I chose to work through my circumstance instead of wallowing in it. To any of you reading this.. you are not your circumstance. You can change your situation by adjusting, taking a moment to assess and lastly by choosing  to get back in the game.  There’s nothing wrong with interrupting your daily routine. Step away from what’s overwhelming you and recharge your battery. You have to give yourself a break and care enough about yourself to slow down and breathe.  Just know you are not alone.. and that moments like these are there to help you grow stronger. One of my close friends always says.. ‘it’s just a moment”…Know that it won’t last forever and you can overcome trials if you choose to. Choose wisely loves… #thankful #pushThru #beBrave #LiveFree


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