Would you believe me if I told you today 14 years ago I was a shattered into a million broken pieces? I truly believed my life was over. On this day.. April 21st, 13 years ago I had a relapse with my anxiety disorder. I was 18 years of age when I allowed the stress of SAT testing, finding a prom date, and starving myself to fit in my prom dress to take over my mind. Yes I was trying to carry all of my stress while juggling highschool issues. You see I thought if I could smile through it all and not ask for help I’d become stronger.. instead it all fell apart senior year. Imagine being 2 months from graduation…senior prom.. it’s supposed to be the most exciting time for a young girl. I was taken out of school for three weeks to get my mind and body back to normal. I had to regroup. With my parents and siblings pushing me back to health… I felt helpless. I never imagined becoming the strong woman I am now. But it’s almost like I had to break to become unbreakable. Trust me.. I never ever would have been able to fathom living in texas, alone. The frail 18 year old I was then would have totally quit if she were in my shoes today. 31 and stunning now, I don’t even recognize myself sometimes. I look in the mirror and I can finally stare in my eyes and appreciate who is starring back at me. It took me 14 years to learn to give myself a break. That when I am broke.. or broken.. that I can come back and be resilient again. I always say that life is like a Rollercoaster, filled with anticipation… scary drops… twists and turns you didn’t see coming, full of amazing thrills and heartfilled excitement. But the difference is.. I now ride this Rollercoaster with the understanding that it will not always be perfect… things are going to break.. things will suck…but it’s your choice to try again. It’s your choice to go with the motions and to continue to move forward. So…as I let this day go by..  instead of remembering it as a day I fell apart….I will remember it as the day that made me the Unbreakable woman I am today…. may my testimony help who ever is reading this today…know that you can push through it… the choice is yours…#liveYourLife


11 thoughts on “Unbreakable

  1. Wow Krystal! I never knew that you went through this. I remember seeing you at the Pikesville High Senior Prom and it seemed like you had it all together. I’m glad that you worked through it. You are awesome!!! Keep smiling

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  2. I Love you soo much Krystal, you have always been an inspiration to me, as well as many others! I will be back on my journey to my career soon, and I thank you so much for not giving up on me!
    I was once broken as well, but today I am UNBREAKABLE!

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  3. Brought tears to my eyes. I really loved this and really needed to hear that. Your so beautiful and may God continue blessing you on your journey thru life.

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