I wish you well….


Last night I was catching up with one of my wisest friends I know and we starting laughing about the crazy things we had been through with our Exes.  It’s funny how life tends to teach you incredible lessons as time goes on. But two years ago, to this very week… you wouldn’t find me cracking a joke at all. I broke down after a break up and honestly that’s the lowest I’ve ever been in life. I’m talking feeling incredibly alone, even though I’d met some amazing people to lean on at the time, it was still a dark time for me. Fast forward to hearing my self laugh about the crazy stuff I did. I Never imagined I’d ever feel this good again. So free, “Unbreakable” if you will. I stand so much taller than I used to, I Stare in the mirror longer because I love who I see, and lastly brick by brick I’m allowing that wall I built to crumble. Couple weeks back I admited I was ready to get back out there and allow myself to feel again. And so far I’ve had a blast. But I find it interesting that I know longer feel ashamed of my past. A close friend of mine once told me to forgive myself for everything. At the time I really couldn’t understand how to do that. However at this point in my life, I’ve been loving on me quite a bit and I’m realizing I’m human and we all make mistakes.  Yes, even the folks we used to deal with who may have hurt us.. make mistakes. I never thought I’d say this…but all the people who hurt me, I wish you all well.  From friends/roomates I used to know in college, to exes.. I wish them all so well. And in that, I find so much more peace. Knowing that I do not have any malice in my heart shows me how much I’ve grown since 2014.  So I know your reading this like.. “How the heck do you do it?”I’d love to say that it comes to me easy.. this forgiveness stuff, but honestly it’s taking me forever to get to this place. But I encourage anyone reading this who is carrying the pain of their past, To the person who still gets an attitude when you see that person who hurt you. Even To the person still holding on to crazy grudges. Please take time to work through those feelings, heal, forgive yourself and forgive them. Honestly what’s the point of holding on to someone that isn’t there anymore. Wish them well so that you can in turn live your life to the fullest. #liveYourLife #LiveFree #forgive #freeYourself


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