I’m bringing Sexy Back….


So many of you know I am a JT fan… and yes I still listen to his albums. But as you see I titled my blog today after one of his biggest hits. Last night I was headed home as the song came on my radio and I sang this song like it was a proclamation.  I felt like finally I am coming with my “A”game this year. I’ve been working out for the last 3 months consistently.. and not to toot my own horn, but I’m starting to like what I see. Even though I hate those early morning workouts, 3 min planks, deadlifts of 160 pounds…I’m starting to see results. It’s funny how when you work hard you begin wanting to play hard. I am so excited to start changing up my style to suit my mood. Yes lately I’ve spicing up my look. Adding a classic red lip, highliting my hair.. yes I’m finally loosing the “plain Jane” look I tend to rock. I have hips and I’m not hiding them anymore. Yes I love my shoulders and neck line, so it’s time I let it all hang out and celebrate my hard work. So.. I’m bringing Sexy back.. and honestly there nothing anyone can do about it. READY or not… summer 2016 is about it be incredible; ) To all you out there putting in that hard work.. don’t give up.. no excuses.. GO GET your Sexy Back!!!!


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