Summer love….


So summer has officially begun. And normally, this is the season I used to dread. Yes I hated going shopping for summer clothes because nothing ever looked good on me. I hated swim suit shopping mostly because I never felt beach ready. When did I start dreading summer you ask? It was during my mid twenties. It was My last year’s in college, and I weighed 285.  I was borderline diabetic, and was seriously depressed. My body was hurting, all because I wasn’t brave enough to work my body to its potential. You may be reading this in disbelief, but my weight battle was so transparent that I never thought I’d ever be confident in my own skin. Fast forward to 2016,  I can proudly say I’m loving summer so much more than I ever have. I began working out, and taking better care of Krystal. I love me more than the weight struggles that use to haunt me. I haven’t been this confident with myself in about 10 years and I have to admit I’m totally loving who stares back at me. I can care less who doesn’t recognize the beauty I see, and frankly I’m over being apologetic for being who I am today. For a first time in a long time I felt beautiful in a swim suit. To me, that’s an accomplishment. But I didn’t feel beautiful because I was a size 6..  I felt beautiful because I now have grasped a great understanding as to who I am.  So although I don’t have my JLo booty, or my Janet Jackson abs, doesn’t make me less beautiful. My inner beauty is starting to out shine my outer beauty and I’m totally ok with that. So if your reading this, and you are wishing you could look different on the outside…just know it takes hard work on the inside to begin to see the beauty you posess. So love you where you are… and I gaurentee you will start to see someone different in the mirror.  Stop dreading summer… get out and enjoy yourself, soak up the sun and realize you are worth it! The choice is yours… choose wisely! #IAmEnough#WorthIt#topShelf#classicRed #beBrave#LiveFree#feelinSexy #Beauty#InspiringPeople


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