Table for 1 please…

So last night I decided to go out and watch the classic film “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” in uptown! It was outdoors, and filled with laughter. I Had a blast and originally had planned on going alone. However  I ended up meeting a friend for dinner before the movie. We talked about dating and how it has become so ridiculous these days. So she asked me how I was holding up. I told her, of course I’d like to date regularly…but it’s not happening right now. So I told her, I go out alone alot. Yes it can seem weird at first when asking for a table for 1. But because I’ve gained alot of confidence, I now don’t care how people look at me eating by myself. I am a very social person, but there are times I really enjoy being alone.  Last week I wrote a post titled “I’m alone..not lonley”. This post had the highest ratings I’ve seen in a while.  What that told me is that there are alot of you out there struggling to live life to the fullest while single. It takes time to become comfortable with being single in a world that is saturated with relationship talk… Where being comfortable starts is with learning who you are. It’s about learning how to live with you, to love you, to truly enjoy the very breath you breathe.  It’s funny how 5 years ago.. I dreaded being alone. I merely sacrificed my own happiness just to have testosterone in my life. Look, I’ve said it before… and I’ll say it again… having someone in your life does not mean life will be complete. It doesn’t mean you are now all of a sudden healed, and perfect because you are in “love”…. so please..let that theory go. Obviously believing being in a relationship will solve everything is the biggest lie I ever believed in. Yes I desire to love someone unconditionally, to support them to the fullest,  to be his backbone. But… until then, I’m traveling, meeting people,  supporting my family and friends and working on my purpose. Like I mentioned  in post last week, life is too short to be worried about who’s in it. You have to live life as if it’s your last. Like the movie I watched last night, the main character stated, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a could miss it.” Ferris Bueller said it best…Get out and live life before it’s gone. So what…if you are alone while living…at least you can say you lived. Who knows, you could end up meeting the love of your life while living out your purpose. Ultimately the choice is years…choose wisely my loves. 

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