Be Slow to Speak.. 

This week is almost over, and I must admit I can’t wait for it to be finished. This week has been filled with so many emotions. It started with excitement and quickly turned into frustration and tears. My Co workers unfortunately got to see my angery side. I was so eager to let people have a piece of my mind. It was to the point where I didn’t even care what consequences I’d face. But, being the believer I am… Instead of going off on someone who more than deserved it..  I walked out, took a deep breath and let my feelings subside before speaking. Often times we are so quick to speak our minds without thinking.  It  gets us in more trouble when we try to go off on people. I know we think if we tell them at that very moment how ignorant they are, how unfair they were that somehow we would feel satisfied. But honestly, words are powerful. They truly have the ability to destroy people if you use the right words. How do I know this? Because I’ve used my words to hurt others before. I knew that what I’d say could cut someone so deep that the person would forever struggle in life.  This unfortunately was my claim to fame in college. Speaking with out emotion. Not caring at all how rude I was to someone I didn’t like. Sad part is this..  I reaped nothing good from speaking badly to others. If anything, I gained the feeling of guilt and a reputation for having two extremes. Either I was super sweet or I was a complete @$$. I used to brag about this “nice nasty ” character within me…until I realized that karma is truly wack. Speaking ill  will against others comes back to you times 10. It’s no point in wasting precious time or energy on cursing someone out. Over my young adult years I’ve learned to just hush. No point in arguing if all it leads me to do is go off.  So I encourage you all, during these hostile times we live in. Be so careful not to speak too fast on an issue. Not everything has to be a fight. You don’t have to always go in on someone to prove your point. Listen for once to the other side of the issue. Before being eager to use your fighting words, be slow to speak so that you don’t end up destroying not only yourself, but those around you. I learned in church on Monday night that the Tongue  when used the right way can bring forth many blessings. Speak life over others, use encouraging words to those you love. And even to your enemies, wish them well. No need in bad mouthing folks that aren’t even in your life anymore. It doesn’t do anyone good.  Your words have the power to destroy or uplift someone else. What do you plan to do with the words that are coming out of your mouth?? The choice is yours!!! Choose wisely loves….#speakLife #watchYoMouth #listenFirst #Slow2Speak

2 thoughts on “Be Slow to Speak.. 

  1. The most beautiful thing in the world is to watch some one grow and learn and when it’s your child it is even more beautiful. Keep moving forward and learning after all that is what life is


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