True love=Being Authentic

It never occurred to me how much I focused on wanting to love someone. My reasons to love were all coming from the wrong place. I was wanting love to fill my emptiness. I looked at love as a cure to lonliness. Just had all the wrong ideas on what love really was.  It was something I was ashamed of feeling. So I purposely acted as if I was totally confident all on my own. I convinced myself it was better to just create friendships with men that I secretly had interest in as a defense mechanism.  Just in case he only looked at me as a friend… then I would feel as if I hadn’t lost anything. But in return this was a cruel game to play with my heart. My heart was longing to love so bad… but I struggled to speak on my feelings due to the fear of rejection.  To be rejected used to make me  believe there was something wrong with me. It’s sad but true on how I allowed myself to feel undesirable. I couldn’t see that I was in my own way of letting love find me. I was searching for true love without truly loving me first. It is true when they say how inportant it is to take time to get to know who you are. My authenticity process has not been easy, but it has been eye opening.  It has taken long lonely nights, taking myself out, and truly living life for me to get a good feel for the incredible woman I am. Walking in my authenticity has opened up the door for me to allow others who show interest to see me for who I am. Flaws in all, they can either take me or leave me. To be real, it has been pretty refreshing to enjoy this season of my life. Challenging myself to take more chances this year has paid off well.  Speaking up and spesking truth has allowed me to meet some incredible people.  As I read the book “People Factor ” by Van Moody,  my biggest take away had to do with being true to myself. Living in truth, and nothing but the truth would reveal so much more about who I am.  I learned something so special recently. I learned that when I just live honestly in my skin, it attracts those who are living in their truth as well. In a way you can say I’m figuring out the key to true love slowly but surely. Just know love is not something you can pretend to be in. When you are  authentic… and you love the skin you are in, Naturally it can bring you someone who doesn’t mind showing you who they are. You can’t get to true love without truly loving you first. So if you are reading this, wondering why none of your relationships last….take a look at how authentic you have been in your relationships. Do you love you 100 percent? Do you even know what love really means?  Those are such important questions you need to anwser for yourself before even attempting to love someone else. And sorry to tell you this, but the process of being authentic is not going to be pretty. You will lose people along the way. Sometimes it will require many weekends spent alone. But trust in believe it’s worth it. Have I found true love you ask? I’d say I’m one step closer because I have fallen for who stares back at me in the mirror. The best love you could ever have is for yourself. Stay encouraged and know that through being authentic with yourself you will in turn learn what it means to love yourself and others more efficiently. #authenticity #thankful #loveYourself #loveHard #LoveWins 

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