Count your Blessings…

Its funny how you pray for something to write about. Then something happens that inspires you that much that you just have to share it. This is what happened this morning that led me to write. I hope it inspires who ever reads this today…

So, lately I’ve been pretty emotional. I’ve been truly trying to get a grip on this thing called life.. but even then, I still at times get filled up thinking about how far God has brought me. Just when you think you are in a bad place, or feel hopeless, God has an amazing way of reminding you to be thankful. 

On my way to work this morning, I was grabbing breakfast when I see a beautiful homeless woman asking for money. My heart dropped because at that moment I knew I had no change on me. But the woman in the drive through in front of me had this shiny black Lexus and was already giving the homeless lady her change. So I drove by got my food and headed to work. Now at this point I felt convicted for eating a meal that I should have just given the homeless lady in the first place. But, I continued to eat, and began to start my regular duties at work. So, I end up randomly going to the salon side of my job and in walks the same homeless lady, just asking about how much services are. Immediately my heart dropped again. I said to myself, but Lord I really don’t have any money to give her… what do you want me to do…? So I leave the salon floor and head back to admissions and I try to stop thinking about it. Then, once more the front desk receptionist brings the homeless lady to the admissions office. At this point,  I knew God obviously sent this lady to me to teach me something. So I finally met her face to face. I took her hand in mine and said my name. After she looked me in the eyes, she began to cry. I brought her to my office, and we talked about her story. She became homeless a couple years ago and actually inquired at my school years back.  But here she stood before me just sharing with me her journey. At that point I knew what God wanted me to do. He knew I had no money to give her, but I did have time, and the ability to provide her a service for free. After I hugged her, I asked her did she have time for a hair service. She politely said, “but maam, I have no money”. I simply repeated my question and asked her for time. She began crying as I led her to the salon with Excitement. At that point I realized, just when I thought I had nothing to give. God quickly reminded me of who I am. I got back to my desk… and began thanking him for everything. I can’t believe this all happened to me at the start of my work morning. 

I encourage anyone reading this to take a second and look around. You have shoes on your feet, keys to a car and a home. You have breath in your lungs, you have clothes on and in a closet at home. You ate breakfast, are planning to eat lunch and will have dinner later. You have friends and family whom you speak to on your smart phones. You have the ability to go to a job who gives you money so that you can go enjoy your family and friends at the state fair, movies, bars and where ever else you spend your duckets. Listen the point I’m making is this…before you know it you could lose it all. You could out of no where lose your life as you know it. So today, take some time to be thankful for what you have. And please stop wasting time complaining about the things you don’t have. Because trust me, someone is “dying”to “live”your life. Time is precious… spend it wisely. #gratitude #thankful #blessed #countitalljoy #GodIsGood #HesIntentional #HesAmazing 

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