Welcome back….

So… it’s been about a month since I’ve written. In a months time, so much has transpired it’s almost unreal. We have a new president elect, my ravens lost to the cowboys, and my parents came to visit me which helped me regroup.  It seems like so much transition has taken place and my mind is racing trying to catch up. You know this is typically the season of reflection for me. I tend to look back on how the year began. I cant believe it all started with a new place to live, new promotion,new radio show, and taking chances with new people. This has truly been a year that I could say “Welcome back Krys”. My energy has been refreshing to myself. I grew stronger as a leader. Stopped biting my tounge, and decided to shed some dead weight. With cross fit training, I took my body to new heights. Giving myself the confidence again to know I’m stronger than I appeared to be. I just honestly started to get my stride back this year.

    So what’s to come you ask? Well I’m no psychic, but I am hopeful that 2017 will be quite remarkable. I have this feeling that I’ll be entering the new year kicking off new goals of my own for once.  Without telling too much, let’s just say if I were you, I’d stay tuned. I have been on a journey to freedom  since 2014. As much as you would think I’m totally healed from my past hurts and insecurities… think again. The real work has only just begun. You see when you decide to start out on a mission of self discovery, you don’t just all of a sudden know everything about yourself over night. This type of mission of breaking free from everything that binds you takes time. You have to take your time to truly dig deep to heal the ugly scars your hurts left behind. It takes daily maintenance, consistent self love, and an overwhelming dose of forgiveness. Once I saw how important it was to take my time, I have been able to enjoy life a lot more. Because I chose to welcome myself back with open arms, I feel like I’m now able to go to another level with myself. This journey of breaking free from Tradgedies in my life has gotten me to this moment. I can look back and be so thankful for the nights I cried into my pillows late at night.  It’s incredible that with each year, no matter the circumstance, I can proudly say I’ve grown a thicker skin. Krystal does what Krystal feels is best.  And if that’s not freedom, I don’t know what is. So my biggest take away thus far from 2016 is that its ok that I do not have all the answers. Personal development doesn’t happen over night and journeys aren’t meant to be short lived. They evolve and change overtime, therefore creating incredible chapters to my story. It feels good to back,  but I know it’s not over. My Journey and story continues in 2017 God Willing.  Until then, know that next season will be about actions. Next season it is time to stop being afraid of my own success and it’s high time that I begin to work on completing what I start. Stay tuned…

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