2016..Was it really that bad? 

What a year this has been! I’ve read and heard so many complaints about this year that I really began to wonder, where did all the grattitude disappear to? I’ve never seen so many folks complain and be disappointed so much in 365 days before. I just find it hard to believe that there was nothing good that came out of this year. Here’s why I feel this way. You see, I have had a year of ups and downs as well… however I choose to focus on the ups.  I became a manager this year, i found leadership is difficult,  but it’s been a blessing to lead. I moved into a rough neighborhood,  but God kept me safe throughout my stay and even blessed me to move closer to work for the new year. I met new faces by doing a radio show and learned I had a new talent. Even though that chapter ended, Who knew that I’d be starting my own show coming soon February 18th 2017 ..stay tuned!  My love life became incredible over the summer. I fell in love with me all over again which allowed me to meet some new faces on the dating scene. Yep, I said it..I finally took chances and enjoyed the ride. From a family perspective I was able to form bonds with family members in ways I never thought possible. Even Being miles away , this year I felt I never missed a beat. Of course I spent some tough nights alone. I had many dark and stressful moments throughout the year, but with each blow, I decided to get back up. Now the end of the year has arrived, for some its ending in ways unimaginable. There are baby bumps, engagements, weddings, graduations and unfortunately the loss of loved ones. 2016 was definitely not for the weak. This was a year of triumph, a year of love, a year of taking chances, a year of being Brave. So if your reading this, and are looking for the light at the end of the tunnel…take a moment to reflect on things in your life thst did go well. Look back at the people you may have gained in your life and those you lost. Cherish who has stayed by your side. Love someone, unconditionally for once. Take your complaints and let them go. You have way more to be thankful for then you know. So what…he didn’t propose… so what you didn’t get that new job or car or house… all those things do not matter!  What matters is family,friends, time spent and most of all love. 2016 taught me to love… to love when I’m mad, to love in sadness, to love when proud, to love old friends, to love new friends. Even to love when letting go…Love truly conquers all things… and no matter what the problem… love will always win. The sign on my door says it best..Love is all you need and God showed me this throughout 2016. So I leave you with this, may 2017 be filled with more Love than you can handle. May we be kind to one another. May we be patient. May we not envy or be jealous. May we speak life and love over everyone we meet. May we think more of others and be considerate. May we stay close to those we love. May we be brave to allow God to use us in ways that are indescribable. May we Seek his Face more… May We trust His Plan. Let Love win in your life for once. Allow love to overpower your heart,minds and souls. Happy New year to you all… and remember to count it all Joy in all that you are going through. #thankful #GodIsGood #beBrave #loveYourself #loveHard #LoveWins #lifeis2short #CountItAllJoy #loveYourNeighbor #takeAChance #pushThru #blessed  

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