You need to Cut it…

Sometimes we hold on to things that we know good and well, we don’t need. This could be those shoes you wear that are cute but you know they hurt like Hell every time you go out….or it could be that credit card you know you shouldn’t have signed up for or that person who you know is pretty much a toxic “waste” of your time. We have all been there, for me it was just a couple of years back that I fell victim to putting a choke hold on to things, squeezing the life out of the situation. Some of you reading this are currently holding on to things that are truly not benefiting you at all. Lets takeToxic friendships as an example. You all know this person, I’m sure their face just popped into your head. This person is selfish, only call you out of convenience, or because they know the can use you for something. This so called friend, will make you feel guilty if you can’t do something, they are demanding of your time and money. These friends drain you of all your being to the point you start ignoring their calls. They are dramatic and always has a complaint. Now, because you have this huge heart, you are now stuck with this friend. If you are currently dealing with this, YOU NEED TO CUT IT.  I know you care for them, but honestly, you are suffering. Your exhausted from walking on egg shells. Always trying to please them. Remember, there is nothing you can do to make them happy. There is nothing from this friendship that is healthy. Your friends should never drain you, make you worn out, stressed or filled with guilt. That is the classic toxic friendship. How do I know all of this? Well it’s mainly because I was known for dealing with these crazy situations. I grew over the years, and came to realization that it’s not necessary to keep people in my life that hold me back from being a functional person. I recognized that my sanity is way more important that dealing with a person that has no clue they are controlling, manipulative and flat out toxic. It is not at all anyone’s job to make someone happy. Cut it all our of your life. To find Joy, you must have peace of mind and the freedom to live your life. People, things, or places that interrupt that peace, I highly suggest you get the knife, and start cutting those toxins out of your life, quick fast and In a hurry. If you don’t, you could become a toxic person yourself , and begin the never ending cycle of unhealthy relationships. So please, do yourself a favor and Cut it out. #beBrave #letItGo #CutItOut #moveon #Doit4You 


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