Why not give your heart?

This year, I have consistently challenged myself to love harder than ever before. I choose to love because it truly does conquer all things. The older I get, I have gained this incredible strength within me. I’m no longer afraid to tell someone I love them. I am no longer afraid to tell someone I love the truth. It’s amazing to have that type of freedom and to know Love truly will do no harm. Just think about it, when was the last time you told someone you loved them and they got mad with you?  And I don’t mean an angry Ex… I mean someone you truly care for. They probably said it right back, and did it with joy. You see love can cure many things. When you love yourself, it cures low self esteem, make you smile more, and in turns makes others want to love as well. When you love and honor your parents, they will in turn take care of you if ever you need them no matter  what. When you love your friends, they in turn remain loyal, they support you and treat you with respect. When you love on your significant other, you in turn keep a healthy relationship. Even if you have disagreements, if love is what you both stand for, you will less likely give up on eachother. My point is simply this, what is the worst that can happen if you give your heart? I know it’s scary, and yes you want to guard your heart from hurt and pain. WELL, hate to bust your bubble, but life will be filled with hurt and pain regardless. So why not love harder! At least you know you put your heart out there. Not everyone will know how to recieve your love, and that’s totally ok. Dont forget, letting go of someone is also a great way of showing love. It takes heart to care that much to set someone free. So remember, don’t hold someone’s heart hostage, love them enough to let them go. Understand that Loving yourself and others will promote so much more positive outcomes in life. If people loved this way more often, we may not have had to experience so much heart ache in the first place. So today, whoever chooses to read this, ask yourself this. Am I loving others with my whole heart? Have I loved on myself today? If you can’t say yes to either of those questions, it’s time to check your heart. Today I challenge you to tell someone you love them, take that risk, let someone free, call your family, forgive an enemy, love with freedom. The choice is yours so Choose Wisely! #choose2love #chooselove2017 #whosLovingYou #liveYourlifeInLove #loveothersBacktolife


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