Moving out and Moving On

2017 has definitely unfolded to be a very interesting chapter in my life. It has been filled with moving. My year started out with me moving to a new place. I thought it would be about new beginnings, when really it was about closing chapters. Moving forward and away from being comfortable. There was a lot of purging of crap. Emotions overflowed as I threw out most of my haunting past. Alot of things in my old place held some horrible memories. So many moments I suffered silently in my past apartments. The piece of furniture that I felt held me back the most, was an old couch. The first piece of furniture I bought on my own just happened to be the last piece of furniture that I finally got rid of.  This couch seemed to be everyone’s favorite place to sit, but I hated it. It held so much negative energy. I can still see it all so clear, from every fight, to my tears, my lonely night prayers, even to my “I can’t do this life anymore” nights. That couch saw a lot. So it was with much excitement and relief when I moved to my new place, I refused to keep that energy in my space. So much closure came with throwing the couch out. I had the strentgh to move it out so that i could move forward.  I didn’t even shed a tear… I just let out a big breath once it was place outside. Finally, I could begin to move forward again.  My family and I are still under construction. So much moving, I’ve just been trying to keep up. But I know that no matter what we are all going through, sometimes you have to start by moving out so that you can move forward. It is hard to leave your comfort zone. It’s even harder to throw out things that once mattered to you. But in the end, you have to find a new beginning. I believe in protecting your peace and getting rid of what ever you have to keep that peace. So if your reading this, and you feel like you are stuck. It is probably time to move some things out so you can move forward. Whether you need to break up with an ex, move them out and move forward. If your over your job..  move out and move forward. Anything that you feel is holding you back from your peace…get out and find your freedom. No one is holding a gun to your head forcing you to stay in your situation. You have more strength than you think to move on. Stay encouraged and know you have the power within you. #moveon #Doit4You #beBrave #moveout


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