Fatal Attraction….

Picture this ladies….. you meet a gentlemen who appears to be amazing and you honestly can’t stop smiling. He says all the right things, he appears to be consistent and he is actively pursuing you. That’s right ladies, he is actually everything you didn’t expect to exist. He is well groomed, smart…kinda funny, and whole heartedly into you. He stares you in the eye, calls you instead of texts. He challenges you and inspires you. He is so intentional you can’t stand it. He desires intimacy by wanting to love you with out touching you. He prays with you and for you, he even prays to be with you. I mean at this point you are pinching yourself and asking God is this too good to be true? Well ladies…. hate to have gotten you all hot and bothered.. but uh…let’s get real for a moment. Let’s leave this dream sequence and look at the reality of dating in 2017. You meet a “gentlemen”. He gets your number as he smiles with his charming self. We all know that charm is deceitful..but I digress. He hits you up around 9 am.. you reply, then you don’t hear from him until the next day. I know you know who I’m talking bout. We all have met him before. He’s the one who can dangle the carrot in front of you just enough to keep us around awaiting that infamous text”wyd” or my personal fave”hru”. Guess we aren’t even worth a full sentence anymore. Yes yes, we have all been there and I hate to admit it, but I have fallen for it all. The question is why? Why do we allow these so called “gentlemen” to treat us like we aren’t worth it? Why ladies are we fatally attracted to men that honestly have no true intentions of making it official. It’s like going down a road knowing good and well it’s a dead end. Now Ladies, I’m not saying good men don’t exist. I believe they do, and thankfully I’ve been very blessed to have met quite a few. But, even the nice guys tend nt to know how to make some simple decisions. It seems like dating has become rocket science and its too difficult to accomplish. Where most of my concern lies, is why we ladies think we deserve an invitation over a man’s house pass 10:30pm. I know your shaking your head reading this because you know you were not laying in your own bed last night. Yes you took that long lonely walk this morning to your car, half way dressed with your over night bag in your hand. As you drove home, you hoped you could erase your feelings, but unfortunately you can’t deny your feelings for him at all. I mean temporarily he was nice, warm, and hey at least he let you stay? So what, he didn’t walk you to the car, and whisper he loves you, at least he cuddled with you before you left. These are real thoughts that us ladies have all had. My question to you ladies is this. How long are you willing to be the leading lady in your own disturbing reality show? How many times are you going to allow men to look at you like a piece of property. Listen, there’s nothing wrong with meeting guys and choosing to date. However, where we need to step up our game is with our choices. Think about it… when a guy gets focused on his goals… he doesn’t allow anyone in. He stays low key.. goes M.I.A. and will not allow any distractions. Ladies … when have you just been with you? When was the last time you spent time working on your net worth? Instead we stay on snap chat or instagram hoping he sees what you are up to. Hoping that maybe he will hit you up, invite you over and then leave you lonelier than you started out to be. Ladies stop killing yourselves over guys that don’t even know you have a pulse. If you are dealing with a man who can not lead their own feelings.. how in the hell can they lead you? If he can’t even state what he wants from you or his true intentions… ladies move on. He won’t even noticed you left since he was so inconsistent anyway. Aren’t you tired? Tired of checking your dry phone? If he is not calling you and wanting to spend time, let it go. If he isn’t bending over backwards to make time for you, but all of a sudden has time to bend you over… let it go. If it seems your fine gentlemen is stressing you out but yall ain’t even a couple? Let it go. This string of hope is so thin….. you may as well cut it. Obviously ladies, having a fatal Attraction only leaves you as the victim. If your over the non committing type, stop fallin for what looks like potential. Stop trying to make “almost ” count and just be patient. Go out, live your life , experience you for a bit and one day someone who is not out to lure you in with sweet nothings, will want to do life with you. Now it’s definitely easier said then done, because we all enjoy those sweet nothing texts, invites and half ass gestures. But it ultimately comes down to us setting the tone and not accepting every fine man that pays us mediocre attention. Love yourself enough to move on and allow the gentleman who is for real praying for you find you. The choice becomes yours ladies, I highly suggest you choose wisely.#chooselove #topshelf #dontSettleforBasic

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