Taking my own advice…

If I were to give myself a dose of my own medicine, here is a letter I’d write to me. Sometimes even I need to take my own advice…. here’s what I need to hear…

Dear Krystal, since 2017 started, you have worked incredibly hard to be real with yourself. Expressing yourself freely, being authentic with your desires and loving others regardless of the outcome. I see you have a mantra this year, “choose love over everything.” It’s pretty clever and a great way to ignore the fact that even when you choose love… sometimes love will not choose you back. Well here are some key lessons you should have learned by now. When choosing love over everything becomes apart of how you want to live, please note that love will not always come back to you. Love is a choice, and the beauty of it is everyone has access to this choice. You can choose to love what ever you like, just as long as you don’t expect anything in return. You see, love is not a maybe thing. Love is not a, hey let’s just see where this goes. Love is not, I’m going to take you on an emotional rollercoaster filled with confusion and hesitation. To love is a deliberate choice. You are either all In or all the way out. Gray areas do not exist when it comes to love. Love is consistent, love is honest and above all, love will never leave you feeling unsure. So my precious Krystal, please don’t forget that you once told your readers you were worth more than a late night text. Please remember how proud you were to let go of toxic folks. Oh and remember when you gave the advice to your girls to carry themselves as if they were top shelf material? That they were valuable? Yes… it’s time you take the same advice. Krystal, your name alone means transparent. So why can’t you simply acknowledge that you have been down playing your worth. Why have you even begun to compromise all your hard work? Why go backwards? You took 3 long years to fight off insecurities, drop dead weight, to truly become a woman of authenticity. Have you forgotten who you are or who you belong to? Don’t you know that your light used to be so bright? Stop dimming your light to fit in. You were meant to stand out. You were meant to be different. You are loving and lovable. You are stronger than most think. You have so much more to accomplish then to waste your intelligence on minor things or people. Your talents are beyond what you know. If you just stayed consistent, you could see more progress. Stop letting your distractions become your focus. Get back to you, stop trying to fix others and acknowledge that self care is important. Let God reign, let Him order your steps, thoughts and actions. You can still choose love, you can still make love important, just understand, that love will find you when you finally allow yourself to consistently love yourself. Stop waiting on other things to make you feel loved. Honestly, it will do you no good… you have worked too hard to throw in the towel. So no more pity parties. No more procrastination. Take your own advice and live out your destiny. Work on your purpose, Love God consistently, love those who don’t even deserve an ounce of you, love those who have been there with you every step of the way. Love your family with your whole heart. Most of all, love on yourself. Stop beating your self up over foolishness. Mistakes happen, bad choices will occur. Life will continue to move forward whether you like it or not. So suck it up, live with no regrets and love like you will never see your friends and family again. 2018 will be a new beginning. Challenge yourself to do better, to step up your game, and allow God to help you live this life with purpose.

Sincerely, your biggest fan, Krystal.

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