Many of you may remember when I began my blogging journey in May 2014. It was during one of my darkest times in my life. I was escaping a toxic situation, lost my rock, (my grandmother) and my big Sis departed from Texas back to chocolate City (DC)! Man, it’s crazy how much has changed in 3-4 years. My journey to freedom definitely was not easy, and is far from over however, with each year I break another chain. 2017 has not been the prettiest. It’s been a crazy ride thus far with so many shockers you wouldn’t believe it. I grieved with my best friends over their tragic loss, celebrated three amazing new born son, including my 4th nephew. My Lil sis moved to Texas taking on adult life with me. My parents are in an interesting place.. and it’s honestly been the year that I just can’t wait to complete. This year was filled new challenges at work that built my back bone, my love life… well that’s still a process and honestly life in general has been a blessing. The fact that I still have an opportunity to live, and chase what God has for me, I truly can not complain. My mantra this year was to choose love over everything and so far, it has proven to help me remain joyful. I am no longer chained and bound to my past. It’s so refreshing to not have to look over my shoulder so much. It’s so freeing not to have please everyone. I feel like in 3 years time I was able shed yet another layer of insecurities off myself. Does it mean I am completely free of all my problems? Not at all… but I sure am FREE from holding on to things that do me no good. No more do I hang my head with shame, or guilt. It’s not for me to carry anymore. I can now be more true to myself and not apologize for the woman I am today. 2018 is patientlyft awaiting my new beginning… on 2/18/2018… my 33rd birthday will be such an amazing day. How do I know this? I dont… I just feel that it will be a time that I turn yet another page in my epic series of this journey to freedom. So with that, stay tuned for what’s to come. #JTFpodcast #journey2freedom #freeyourmind

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