When reality hits you..

In about 2 more months, it will be January 2018. What a year 2017 has been. Not to get all political…but I feel as if most of us are all trying to escape the realities of the world. It’s gotten so bad that I hardly watch the news anymore because honestly, I can’t. My brain lately has been on overload. I have been doing my best to stay busy, focused on my career, working on my health, trying to maintain solid relationships. It’s all so very exhausting,this adult life. Remember when you were little? What were your worries? It’s funny when I think about my child hood. I often gave no power to others when it came to their opinions of me. I was bolder then, and could care less how it made anyone feel. I had this incredible bright light inside of me, that I never dimmed down so that no one felt intimidated. Hell, I didn’t even care how I delivered my thoughts. I just lived with no regrets. Somewhere along the line I grew weak and ashamed of my light. I allowed people to walk all over me, allowed them to make me believe I didn’t deserve greatness. I truly put my dreams on hold, all for the sake of so called love. This didn’t get me very far. Here I thought that if I just “dumbed” myself down to fit in with the in crowd that it would get me somewhere. Man was I wrong! The reality hit me when I turned 30. It was one of the most liberating moments in my life where I once again could care less how folks thought of me. I started saying yes to me and NO to everyone else. I finally looked in the mirror and met Her for the first time. That 10 yr old bold girl, finally caught up to me at 30. As year 33 approaches, it will be a new beginning. So many pitfalls, dumb decisions, trials, moments of insane and thoughtless moves I’ve made in 2017 will be in the rearview mirror. None of these decisions I regret, and no I will not ignore this year as if it didn’t happen. Instead I will look at every up and down as a part of my story. I have to remind myself the importance of growth, and experiencing new challenges. It’s what builds your character. I became a leader this year. I became a woman of my word and a risk taker. I became more in touch with my feelings and I began to acknowledge my beautiful soul. I love how intricate I am. How unique I am. I love knowing that there is no one else like me and whoever is brave enough to love me, would have found one of the world’s most precious creatures. I purposely stand out, and never do what everyone else says to do for a reason. God made me this way. And it’s time for me to accept my reality and to continue to live in my new found freedom. Next year will be filled with even more twists and turns but I know I’m equipped for it. You see, I’m going through my refinery stage in life. Much like a diamond being created, I will continue to experience pressure. Things will get incredibly uncomfortable and I will go through a lot of heat before I can truly be the Diamond I’m destined to be. So to all those ladies and Gents out there, who believe you are not worth it… please let the Reality hit you before you hit reality in the face. Understand that you already have what it takes to survive this screwed up world we live in. Know that if life was easy 24-7 than what do we need a savior for? This morning, my Bible app send a me a message that said, “Ye of little Faith”… and it brought me to a reality. It brought me to see that I no longer need to doubt God on what he’s pruning me for. I can’t keep trying to write my on motion picture knowing good and well I have no knowledge on what is next. Please be encouraged loves. To the man reading this, know that you are Loved beyond measure. You are important, and once you own that you will be able to love others again. To my ladies reading this, do not ever Dim your light..let your light shine. Let your unique traits of a woman carry you through your toughest moments. Just know that’s it’s ok when you allow yourself to live in your reality. Don’t ponder on your regrets, just get back up, learn from it, forgive yourself, forgive others…and continue to push through. This Journey to freedom is a choice, you can either choose to be chained to your problems… or break free of them. Choose wisely loves…life is too short. #bethankful #beBrave #chooselove #Reality #openYourEyes #choosefreedom

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