Que Sera Sera…..

You ever just throw your hands up and say… “What will be will be”? Lately, that’s where I’ve been. Literally taking each day at a time. I try not to plan too much anymore, because it never ever goes like I think it will. I’m always trying to stay 10 steps ahead of God’s plans for me, but then I end up totally missing the point. Whether it’s regarding my journey within my career, my family life or my epic love story… I realize it’s high time I just keep singing the classic Doris Day tune, “Que Sera Sera”. Honestly, like the song says…”the future is not ours to see…”. That song is very profound and it’s incredibly true. Why do we believe we can truly control our future by making unrealistic plans? I used to watch so many shows growing up, that I would base my plans around it. Last night I caught myself going back down memory lane, as I watched a couple episodes of Dawson’s Creek. This show was way before it’s time. Not only was it borderline inappropriate for teens to watch, but it totally ruined my perception on what love was. Yes, my plans to marry my guy best friend was totally inspired by the good Ole Joey/Dawson or Ross/Rachel complex. The scary part is… I’ve already tried these so called plans in real life. Trying to make relationships begin out of friends you grew up with. Beautiful plan, that so far has not at all turned out like I thought. So, where does that leave me? Well, just like I said in the beginning of this post… what will be will be. What is meant for me, will happen naturally and in its own time. No, I don’t have a Ross Gellar in my life, nor any other fictional character. The point is, somewhere along the line I had to stop fantasizing about these unrealistic relationships. Planning my life around these fictional realities was totally making me miss out on real life opportunities. Do I regret my hopeless romantic mentality? Not at all, I believe there is a bit of innocence that goes along with being a romantic person. Yes I still do believe that my love story will be epic, especially with all the conflict that I’ve experienced. Everything I’ve done up to this point has definitely made this intriguing love story a cliff hanger. Just when I “plan” to get close or even give my heart a chance to love again, enters stage right…. heartbreak, betrayal, and the thickest plot twist you can imagine. It’s to the point now where I have accepted to just allow life to keep moving. Que Sera Sera, what will be will be. There is absolutely nothing I can do to plan my future. I mean of course I can set goals. I can go out for my passions. But what I can not do is plan everything to a T. Change is the most consistent thing in my life. People come and go, new jobs, moving to different cities, loosing loved ones. Those are the things that definitely seem to be consistent. But planning everything to be perfect is something I’m so glad I finally buried in my 20s. I’ve kept most of my innocence when it comes to believing in love..however the difference is that I’ve experienced enough harsh realities of heartbreak. I’ve had my lows, so I’m sure I’ll eventually reach amazing new heights one day, where love finally can be enjoyed without hesitation nor confusion. But until then, living life to fullest will be a priority. If your reading this, wondering why nothing goes completely right… a few words of advice, stop trying to plan and take a listen to Doris Day’s classic song. Maybe it will put things in perspective, that everything worth waiting for will come in due time. #dorisday #lovecomestothosewhowait #ImWorthWaitingFor #choose2love #lovewins #loveconquersall

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