You ever feel like your racing against time? It’s like everything you want to accomplish is totally slipping put of your hands. The clock keeps ticking, and your goals, desires.. everything you hoped you get done in 2017… will soon be over in less then 31 days. Well, I’d be lying to you if I said this year I did everything in perfect time. That all my goals were checked off, that I did exactly what I wanted. Hell nah, 2017 wasn’t that type of year. However, I did happen to close up some chapters in my life. I experienced some unexpected growth spurts. The most bitter yet sweet moments happened in 2017. In my career I hit some rough patches, that led me to create a new team. I took a leap and moved to new area, serving a community through apartment life. At church I became more involved, and decided to challenge myself in ways that tested my faith. My love life was even full of second chances because why the hell not give it another try? What’s there to lose when your heart has already been broken? My family and I have even experienced being separated in completely different places. Almost unimaginable that we all live somewhere different. It’s been an incredibly tough 2017… but this is the year that grew me up a bit. Yeah it was bittersweet, but the year of the 7 means completion. It means I was apart of a year where some chapters had to be closed. It means that some of what I experienced this year will all be over in 31 days. 2018 will start a new year… and no… I’m not going to say the cliche “new year new me”…cause frankly I love the gorgeous woman I’ve become over the years. 2018 will be a year that I will allow all my hard work to pay off finally. It may even mean a year of new adventures, new people, new travels, a whole new journey. That’s if God blesses me to experience it. So… if you are reading this, do not beat your self up for not accomplishing your huge career goals, getting that left hand filled, taking that baby bump picture… know that everything good..comes in good time. So this year may not have been your favorite. Yes we unfortunately lost some amazing people along the way. We met some new faces as well. But don’t discount your 2017 as if you’ve had nothing to be thankful for. Just know when life hands you lemons…it’s gonna be bitter. It will leave you with a sour taste… but if you could just learn how to sweeten it up a bit by working with what you have, you then will be able to create lemonade. I know its hard to see, but Life can end up pretty sweet. So for the next 31 days… what are you going to do? You gonna Complain about all the lemons you’ve been handed, or are you going to just find away to make the sweetest lemonade while you have a chance to? The choice is yours, it’s never too late to give your self another chance to close out 2017 on a good note. It’s all about your mentality and thought process. So push through loves… my mantra holds true… choose love over everything. I promise you… life will get sweeter… just hold on through your bitter times and you will see! Stay encouraged…#thankful #HesIntentional #neveralone #lovewins #loveconquersall #bittersweet


One thought on “Bittersweet…..

  1. Each new year is a new chapter in your story of life and it is far from being over. Each new day is a new page in your story. Just let life continue to create your wonderful and unique life and enjoy the ride.



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