33 reasons why…..


On February 18th, 2018, it was my golden year birthday. I turned the incredible age of 33. I was blessed to witness yet another year and begin a new chapter in my life. It was this birthday that I realized that not many folks make it to 33. I was filled with emotion this time around. More than normal. I cried when my sister surprised me with a decorated apartment, and my favorite Ice Cream cake! I cried when my parents sent me my new microphone for My Podcast…and lastly I cried because I was finally free, and filled with a dose of insurmountable joy! On May 18th, 2014, I took a leap of faith and began my Journey to Freedom blog. With my blog, I decided to share my trials and victories with my eager readers. I was able to allow those I love to read my heart in a way they never would have imagined it before. I became way more transparent with how I felt about life and my decisions. With each low moment, came a learning lesson and of course growth. What an incredible 4 years it has been. The highs, the lows, it all meant something. I came to the conclusion on February 18th 2018, that I didn’t need to be held captive anymore by pleasing others. That the word No… is a great word to use.. and to use it often. That not doing the norm is totally ok, and lastly, being the “nice” girl only gets you so far. So with that said…I have written a detailed note to self for this upcoming 2018. These are things Id like to look back at on my 34th birthday 2019 if Its in Gods will. So with that said here are my 33 reasons on why 2018 is the year I will reclaim my time. (Thanks Maxine Waters)

  1. Time is the most precious thing we have…. so don’t waste it on meaningless things/people
  2. Tired of making excuses, and tired of hearing them… You either will or you wont… Choose.
  3. I have dreams and goals, its high time I wrote them down and began completing them. I’m so Finished talking about it.
  4. Life is short, taking chances are rare, so… I vow to take more risks this year.
  5. Family first… After loosing my aunt..It became even more real on how important it is to love on your family while they can receive it.
  6. Stop pressing replay on my Past…
  7. Stop Fast forwarding to my future…
  8. Be still more.
  9. I will be even more impeccable with my word. Even in the workplace.
  10. I will Chose wisely who is worthy of my presence, Not everyone deserves me.
  11. I will stop trying to tell others how to fix their life….I’m not Iyanla….
  12. Stop trusting and believing so soon that people really want to see me succeed.
  13. Listen more…. talk less… not everyone deserves my opinion nor can they handle it.
  14. Allow my beautiful mind to create art again, through writing, podcast and screen plays. Stop sitting on the Talent God Gave me.
  15. Stop worrying, over thinking, over analyzing. I must remember that God has greater for me…. so let things play out in HIS will.
  16. Its ok to not have all the answers. You are still learning.
  17. Dating…. lol refer back to number 4… Take chances, be open.. still guard your heart until you have met someone who can handle your heart with care. (be careful with me)
  18. When you cut your hair.. remember it signified cutting people out of your life.. letting energies leave… and honoring your aunt after her 20 yr battle with cancer. So don’t beat yourself up for cutting It all off on may 23rd 2018.
  19. Call people back. You never know what hearing your voice can do for someone.
  20. Stop giving 100,000 second chances… if they didn’t get you the first time.. they just didn’t get it.
  21. Stop being so scared to love. If its meant to be… it will be.
  22. Give God more…. Social media, people, money, careers, all equal temporary. Remember HE offers everlasting joy, peace of mind…way more then anything/anyone.
  23. Invest in your craft. Spend late nights, early mornings…. make your passion important.
  24. Make health a priority. Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  25. Get rid of your Oprah complex… No.. You can not save the world….Just try to impact one person at a time.
  26. Sugarcoating aint sweet…. say what you mean… and mean what you say.
  27. If you ruffle feathers… they will get over it… just speak your mind from a loving place… they will get it later.
  28. Don’t debate over meaningless subjects. If it is not challenging your thoughts..or challenging you for the better …stay out of the conversation.
  29. Stay focused… but not so focused that you miss a sunrise or a sunset. Those moments of Peace are priceless.
  30. Don’t hold grudges… its truly the most unattractive trait.
  31. Forgive others, and often… you aint perfect and neither are they. And for goodness sakes.. forgive and forget…. why hold on to a hurtful memory… make room for positive moments to come.
  32. Travel… get your passport Krystal….
  33. Remember.. you are fearfully and wonderfully made. You no longer need to prove that to anyone. You don’t have to convince, beg nor plead people to see this. if they don’t see it, and don’t appreciate it… its ok.. let them miss out. You don’t need a follow or a like, a heart, a swipe left.. a DM…to be validated. Remember who loves you no matter what. No matter your past… know that you are still worth it… You have made some bad choices… but someone will one day look past that and will choose to love you in spite of it. Krystal… you have a purpose… with your 33rd year.. its time to go for it!

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