After one of the busiest weekends in July, I woke up this morning realizing I was super hooked on the routine of picking up my phone to check Facebook. It’s like the first thing I’d pick to look at. As much as I hate to admit it… Social media has definitely impacted me quite a bit. It’s distracting, makes you compare to others, consistently makes you second guess if your headed in the right direction. I tried hard today to remember what life was like before Facebook. Back then, I was a freshmen in college…. we had cell phones and instant messenger. But for the most part we physically met up and talked. My friends on my dorm hall all would come chill in the community room, and we would discuss life. We weren’t snap chating…we were present…every now and then we would grab our disposable cameras, but for the most part we were good without any interaction with social media. That was about 10 years ago, and it’s crazy how now… Facebook has become apart of everyone’s life. Now granted, I love looking at my family’s pictures and staying updated. But for the most part… the act of being on Facebook is beyond time consuming. So..with that said, I’ve officially deactivated Facebook until further notice. I’m deactivating from distractions, from time consumption, from non productive activities. It’s July, and I feel as if I should have been at least half way in with my Goals for 2018. My Lil sis inspired me to truly get back to my writing, eating well…and to get back to a structured routine. So… I know your reading this like.. well you deactivated from Facebook….what about the rest of social media? Great question….snap chat I tend to snap when I really want to…but im totally not dependent on it. Instagram… I’ll browse but once again not too time consuming. But Facebook, there is so much on there it’s overwhelming. So…one of my 33 reasons was to give God more of me, and to back off of things that distract me from Him. So… here’s to deactivating. I hope this may encourage any of my readers to change up some bad habits. Maybe you are the type that can’t follow through….maybe you have a hard time calling people or having a real conversation. If social media is your struggle… I encourage you to take a break, Get focused again, and see how much you truly are able to get accomplished.

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