As if……

This summer has become quite an eye opener. There have been plot twists, conflicts, resolutions…lets just say…if this summer was a book… it would be a page turner. Work has been steady.. Love life intriguing, and health wise I will not complain. I’d say all in all, the summer hasn’t been quite bad, it’s just that there have been some unexpected moments that I have had to experience. It’s like watching the movie clueless for the first time. It was the 1990s when clueless was released . It was about a 16 year old girl who was slowly discovering who she was. Even though I’m the beginning of the movie she had a set routine, she truly thought she was in control. At the end of the movie, not only does she fall for Josh, but she totally had to do a true makeover on herself. She realized she was living life to appease other’s, and one day it her…well..Ty told her a “way harsh” truth that woke her up. You are reading this trying to understand why I’m referencing such a film. Well . .. sometimes in life, we believe we are running our life. That our routine needs no tweaking , improvement or cleaning up because “life appears to be good”. But the Harsh truth is this…none of us are perfect and there is always something to improve on. Today counts my 6th day from deactivating from social media. And I have noticed my thought process has changed quite a bit. I have more productive time, and I’m having real conversations again. I’ve spent time with my baby sister whom I adore! I have started writing more consistently. Let’s just say, life before social media was an unhealthy routine. There was comparing, competition, reminders of what I was missing. I just am thankful I have family and friends who are currently holding me accountable through this challenge. This isn’t easy, but something needed to change. I mean did I really expect Facebook to keep me productive, “As if!”… of course not. If you are trying to do some soul searching, I’d start with your daily routine of snap chat, Instagram and FB. Just go MIA for a moment. Replenish your soul, restore your mind and remember who you are! You are talented, you don’t need a follow or mention to realize that. Get out of the norm and push yourself to improve. It all starts with the renewal of the mind. Well until next time… hope I see ya around, hope not “Sporadically” šŸ˜‰ (clueless was a great movie might I add). Seriously though.. pull it together and improve yourself, the choice is yours, so choose wisely!

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