Cuffing season: break every chain.

So…. football season has arrived, the summer is over and you guessed it… its starting to get chilly outside. So what does this mean??? All of a sudden, your phone is on that hotline bling. Yes.. your phone is now recieving these texts out of no where. The “gm” text.. lol that’s my personal favorite… cant even spell out the full words. You even start getting invites to come over to see their new dog.. all because the temperature has changed from 80 to 43 degrees. About 4 years ago… there was this term thrown around called cuffing season. I didnt truly believe it was a real thing, until I caught on to the trend and decided to play along. Apparently, cuffing season is the time when guys begin drafting their roster of young ladies to entertain them throughout the cold months. After valentines day, you either keep or cut the young lady. It sounds silly, but believe me, some young lady is being distracted with this sad little game as you are reading this. Shes blushing right now as she reads a very non- detailed text… “wyd”…at 11:30pm. How do I know this? Sadly, I used to fall for it myself. It’s a time period full of fake intimacy, fake “so what are your goals” type comverstaions. A fake opportunity for about 4 cold months of long of meaningless nights netflixing on the couch. While we ladies may fall for the cuddling, hoping for a new relationship to begin, our handsome men are hoping for their own happy ending. (No pun intended). Its such an interesting phenomenon how there has been no effort put into real relationship bonding. Social media has made it pretty easy to make things instant. I only bring this up because most of us are tired. Tired of people that dont know what they want. Tired of folks who don’t know who they are. Tired of how everyone just goes along with the shenanigans that these dudes and girls allow in their life. I laugh now because I’ve been there. I really used to think I was special when I’d get the whole… “you cooking?” Text. Its crazy that a text like that used to be flattering to me. But man…do you know what’s flattering to me now.. a great conversation between adults that can be totally honest with one another. I love knowing when a man values my time, respects my soul and truly can make me smile with out the cuffing games. You see.. the older I get the less I can tolerate BS. Its pathetic to me, and I cant relate to folks who play the game. So… if I get asked one more time why am I single…my answer may hurt some feelings. I’m single because I have not seen the efforts of relentless pursuit at all. Words and actions are 2 different things. You want me in your life.. and yet you’ve done nothing to back up your words. And I totally get why. How can one pursue someone if they have not pursued Christ in the same way. Too many people are out here thinking that they are in control… choosing to set up a roster of women to keep them warm through out the winter. Well my handsome gentlemen, I have some helpful tips for this upcoming cuffing season. You know what can keep ya warm… a coat brothas… they even make them with layers. You can also go get you some hot soup, all different flavors. Another fun idea…just Take a hot bath…But please, pretty please spare us the “its cold… come over and keep me warm” bit. Please learn first who you are and love on you before including us into your “insecure” short mini series of temporary situationships. You really dont realize how over it we are… its the same song and dance and obviously you can only play this game for so long. So ladies… when you are finally tired of being some dudes heating blanket, you might actually clear a path for the man who has been looking for you relentlessly a chance to find you. And fellas.. when you finally wake up….please remember it’s ok to go to bed with out some girl you barely know. Why not find someone whom you respect because she respects herself. How bout show her you are worth more than whats in your pants. Remember you deserve more than you allow brothas. A young lady with boundaries might actually put some hair on your beard and help you grow out of your childish ways. Honestly, if we all dont wake up soon…we would of missed the entire point. Healthy relationships is how we build healthy familes, and leave healthy legacies…. but until then… go on and play your games… let’s see how far that will get ya. Happy cuffing season… play at your on risk. The choice is your ladies and gents… choose wisely. #OverIt #letsGrow #letsBuild #relentlessPursuit #dobetter #loveothers #lovewins #loveChrist

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