Under pressure: refinery at its best.

How many of you have ever listened to the song “Under Pressure” by Queen and David Bowie? Just to give you a taste of the masterpiece these ledgendary musicians created…I found a section of the song that was absolutely precious.

“Insanity laughs under pressure we’re breaking, Can’t we give ourselves one more chance? Why can’t we give love that one more chance?Under Pressure by Queen, David Bowie.
After I listened to this song on the way home from work…and I mean I truly listened.. this song made me think about everything I’ve had to face since I took a leap of faith 9 years ago. September 21st 2010, was my anniversary of moving to Dallas. I still can’t believe, that I packed up my car with all I had, with my best friend since age 6 in the passenger seat…and drove away from Maryland, never looking back. At that time I was 25…and totally under pressure. I was under pressure knowing I had no money, no job to go to, and little to no family. My big sis and her Husband were raising their first born, and I had no true idea how my story was about to unfold. You see, leaving everything behind in Maryland placed me under a new type of pressure. It was the pressure of the unknown. I truly had no clue what I’d be doing in Texas, how long I’d stay, or who I would meet. All I knew is that I moved during Texas longhorn/ OU weekend. Which at that time, I knew nothing about. All I saw where orange Longhorn and burgundy shirts with the word “sooners” on it. At that point I realized… Krystal wasnt in Maryland anymore. I had encountered new territory that was down right frightening. I wondered had I made the right decision… was I making a huge mistake? Its incredible the amount of stress and pressure I was feeling, and yet I just kept pushing.

This brings me to what it means to be refined. When you think about people who have gone through so many things… they often dont look like what they’ve been through. They may look as if they have it all together, clean cut… with no blemishes or scars. But it you only knew what it took to get there. I feel like for the past 9 years, Dallas has put me through a refinery process. I’d say my first 5 years was me learning the Ugly truths of myself. How I let fear run my life. How I often just allowed anything to influence me. How I didn’t stand up for who I was.. how many times I apologized for who I thought I was. How I let people use my light to their own benefits. Man I look back and just cant believe how I still decided to push through it all even when I felt I had nothing left to give. That fight over my fears is what my family and close friends know me best by. They know that when pushed come to shove, I will take a risk. Through my refinery process, I took a leap and cut off all toxic relationships in 2014. I decided never again to allow fear of being alone my reason for staying in an abusive relationship. I took a risk by becoming a leader at my current job in 2016. I never knew how much being a leader truly means servantude. It’s about owning it all and giving your team what they need even if it places you in an uncomfortable place. 2018 I decided to take another chance in life by walking in a new way by serving more in church. Not to busy myself, but to truly get to know God through serving His children. It’s funny when you start allowing God to use you how much more stuff you begin to get hit with. It’s almost as if, the more I surrenderred To Gods will, the more pressures I have had to endure. Does this mean I’ve been spotless and perfect along the way? Absolutely not.. under pressure, sometimes you fall, you break, you make a bad choice or go the wrong way. But it’s always so comforting to know that God has a Gps System that will always re-route you… even if you have to take a detour or the side roads. It may take longer, it may come with suffering a loss, a break up, a transition in jobs, but at the end of the day..He already has the out come. You see being under preassure is not so much about wallowing in your sorrows… it’s more about how you choose to press forward no matter how hot the fire gets. What we all must remember, is just like in the Queen Song, taking a chance to be refined means you will be placed under pressure. Doesnt mean the pressure will last forever, just means your endurance will be stronger than before. Coming out of tough situations, helps you appreciate the breakthrough, the success of a new opportunity, meeting a new person, moving to a new city… all of these things are possible, as long as your willing to work hard while keeping your Faith in tact. So… I say to anyone reading this, if you are experiencing pressures that are just so draining… push through anyway. Push with grattirude, knowing that no matter the storm.. you will make it. Remember your not alone, and that God has already ordered your path… even if it means you have to go through a rough patch. Dont allow the preassure to take over your refinery process… for it will be such a beautiful breakthrough once you get through the temporary low in your life. Just like I always say, the choice is yours…. so please choose wisely…. #diamondUnderPressure #2019finishstrong #workinprogress #pushthrough #GodsNotDonewithMe

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